Top 6 360-Degree Cameras for Capturing Your Surrounding (Coupon included for 10% OFF for limited time)


Facebook and YouTube only recently started started supporting images and video from 360 degrees camera. Also lately we see a big interest in virtual reality, so 360-degree videos are on the rise meaning demand for a wide variety of content is also surging. That’s where 360-degree cameras come in and we come to find the best to propose to you. The hardware behind VR and 360-degree content is evolving with new, beautifully designed cameras seeing releases every year. For people who don’t want to spend $60,000 on a Nokia OZO, there’s a decent amount of 360-degree cameras you can get your hands on, and more on the way., the site specialized in photography and camera, have gather the best 360-degrees camera for you, and they offer and a 10% OFF coupon for ordering them. So let us see what has for us.


1. Andoer V1 360 Degree Panorama Camera

The Andoer V1 360 can take 360 degree wide view of images and video with the FOV220° Lens that features. It can take images with different shooting modes, with a max resolution of 16M. With the built-in wifi, you can see and control the camera as you want, through the app that supports the camera. You can use your TF SD card Class10 up to 128GB for more storage space. The V1 360 can be used as car recorder with the car mode or with loop recording function. You can even use it underwater with the waterproof case for up to 30M depth. Features 1/4″ screw hole to be mount on other devices. With the 5 x 5 x 5.5cm and 89 grams is super mini camera to use. Equipped with 1200mAh 3.7V for many hours of use.


2. Insta360 Nano Compact Mini 360 Degree Panoramic 3K Camera

The Insta 360 camera is using dual 210° fish-eye lenses instead of one that usually cameras use, in order to record video and stitches the data into a panoramic video, supporting real-time preview at the same time. Due to these lens, it can shoot 3K (3040 x 1520 at 30FPS) HD videos for you. The camera comes with a specially designed VR case which you can used with your mobile to provide you a vivid panoramic world. You can also use the camera with FPV, in order to catch wonderful panoramic views. The camera supports special function for IOS, featuring Apple MFi certification, in order to support iPhone 7 / 7 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus / 6 / 6 Plus connecting and to be able to instantly share with your friends images and video. The camera is just 11 x 3.3 x 2.1cm and weights only 72 grams featuring a compact and exquisite design with high quality aluminum alloy.


3. Andoer Dual-lens 360 Degree Panoramic Digital Video Sports Action VR Camera

Andoer 360 Degree VR camera supports also dual 220°fish-eye lens, something that we see it very lately. The camera supports 360 degree shooting and by this way you take amazing photos and videos. The camera features a 8MP CMOS sensor which allows you to take of high quality pictures. The camera can shoot videos up to 1920 x 960P at 30fps, so you can catch by this way fast moving objects. With the built-in WiFi that features, you can control the camera to capture what you want, from your mobile, using the different view modes that the camera features. You can attach the camera on different devices like bicycle, car and FPV devices. Comes with a built-in 1500mAh battery and at a very small and compact size since it is only 6 x 5 x 3.4cm and weights just 106g.


4. Andoer Panorama 360° VR Video Camera

Andoer 360°Panoramic 1440P VR camera is featuring gyroscope which at extreme sports, bicycle, car DVR, party, traveling, you can get really great shots and videos. Supports VR, with video split-screen display, hemisphere display, tile horizontal, Gyroscope and Up-down flip display. The camera features a 8.0MP CMOS image sensor, so it can take videos with a resolution up to 1920 x 1440P at 30fps and images with a max resolution of 3840 x 2160. You can use the camera with a Virtual Reality System or you can connect it to a HDTV. The camera features bulit-in Speaker, 3 Button/Switch of Power switch, Shoot/Enter and wifi/Mode with which you can control the camera from your mobile, if you download the APP SYMAX360 that needs the camera for working  with your phone. The camera uses a 3.7V Li-ion rechargeable Battery of 1000mAh as power for many hours of function. The camera is small and light with the 5.1 x 4.2 x 3.5cm dimensions that has and the 60 grams that weights.


5. Detu 360 Degree Panorama Camera

The Detu 360 Degree Panorama Camera is an other mini camera with a cylindrical shape, that can take 360 degree wide view shootings and videos using the FOV236° Lens that is equipped. The images taken can be up to 8MP resolution and you can use different shooting modes to adjust how you are going to take the picture. It features a VR mode to use the video for virtual glasses. Comes with wifi in order to help you see what you’re recording and be able to control your camera from your mobile. Supports TF SD card Class 10 up to 32GB for more storage and can be used as a car recorder or to be mount on other devices through the 1/4″ screw hole. The camera features a super mini size since is only 4.3 x 4 x 4.5 cm and weights just 77 grams.


6. Super Mini Cube 360 Degree Camera

The Super Mini Cube 360 Degree Camera is a 360° x 190° panoramic camera, that can shoot video or take images with a 360° wide view. The video that can shoot are up to 1280 x 720 at 28FPS and you can use one of the different preview modes to do that. Comes with a built-in wifi, so you can control it from your mobile and see what you are shooting. It comes at a super mini design since it’s dimensions are only 4 x 5 x 4 cm and weights just 76 grams. You can use it for any outdoor activity since with the 1300mAh battery that carries, you will have a lot of hours to take pictures and shoot video.



What kind of 360 degrees camera you might want to buy and use is up to you. All proposals from are very good and at a big variety of prices. Don’t forget when ordering to use our coupon 360camera10, in order to get a 10% off at the final price of your 360 degree camera. The coupon is valid from November 8th to November 13th, so hurry up!


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