TOP 7 Backpack VR PCs Unveils the New Era of VR Headset 2016


When we try to experience the simple VR device, Backpack VR has announced the new era of VR. Because we need to get rid of the long cable of connecting. In order to gain more freedom and more comfortability, Backpack VR All-in-one will be the best solution. As you know,a good VR experience needs high quality content, high performance computing device (host), spatial positioning technology, mobile solutions, etc. Right now there are more than 10 kinds of scheme about VR backpack PCs of course, there are unreleased. So what backpack pcs have started to unveil the new era of VR headset?



MSI has released a special VR backpack for PC on Computex in 2016 with powerful performance, great improving VR experience. This PC is powered by Intel Extreme Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX980 graphics which can provide enough performance for VR games. MSI will announce its price and launch date later in the year.


EmdoorVR All-in-One PC

EmdoorVR All-in-One PC is simple in its design to comply with ergonomic design and it has 230g weight to wear comfortably. As for its specs, it is powered by Intel PC processor and equipped with 2K/FHD screen, vision angle 100 degrees which has solved the problems like clarity, delay, dizziness, and so on. EmdoorVR equipped with the Intel i5 / i7 processor, 16nm/14 nm GPU is FirePack backpack VR. This backpack can not only make you feel free to get rid of the cable, but also can be considered as the front PAD shown on FirePack VR backpack display, even provide  vibration sense to enhance the gaming experience.

HP Omen X


HP also attempts to dominate the VR market by Backpack VR, so that they release HP Omen X VR backpack  VR PC, which can be used to match the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift such virtual reality system. As for Power supply, HP claims right now it has two batteries to keep the system work normally. We can estimate it can be used in one hour. It’s said it will announce it in June and sell in the near future. The final version will be different possibly from the current version.



Last month, ZOTAC has announced a Magnus EN980 Zbox, mini pc powered by Nvidia. It will be released in Summer. Magnus EN980 Zbox will be powerd by Intel core i5-6400 processor; Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 equipped with water cooling system, the front USB 3.1 Type-C and USB 3.1 Type-A, four-way rear USB 3.0 interface, HDMI video output cables, SD Card reader. Price forecasts for between $1500 to $2000, which is a little expensive. The battery power not only uses for computer but also for HTC Vive. It’s remained to see the battery life. As for the release date about ZOTAC ZBOX Mini PC, it hasn’t announced now.

StepVR consists of head display, backpack wireless processor, the whole body motion capture sensor, hand recognition sensor and spatial positioning equipment to allows users to walk freely in the virtual space. Compared with other virtual reality devices, the big difference of StepVR from its appearance is the backpack wireless processor that users need to put it on its back . So StepVR includes a backpack which has wireless processor containing GTX 980M. StepVR is a tech solution for software and hardware.
Intel Backpack VR
We haven’t experienced it. need to know more.
Pangolin PRO VR
Pangolin is made of Ultra-base and wearable parts. The wearable parts include helmet mounted display, Pangolin wear armor, Pangolin IO units. Ultra-base is of the entire system to receive protection and auxiliary equipment wearing. Users only takes 20 seconds to wear, meanwhile, it can charge for wearable devices and it has test equipment for display in the settings. Pangolin wear armor integrates the battery and PC. Four force feedback module is integrated in the chest and back,four motion capture units,  which can give the user more immersive experience in games. Pangolin IO unit consists of motion capture and force feedback, through the steering gear to control holder automatically then installed to the body, it can capture the player’s action to reflect the player.

Therefore, there are some other problems to be solved such as power supply. So Backpack vr pc with HTCVive will be a good choice. Which backpack VR do you like most?


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