Trifo Emma Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review – Buy From Amazon at $149 in Flash Sale (Coupon)


The Trifo Emma Robot Vacuum Cleaner offers high-performance and cost-effective sensing, perception, and decision-making as well as 3000 Pa of suction power with a pet hair extractor, perfect for pet hair. Say goodbye to dirt, dust, hair, crumbs, and more! And the long-lasting battery provides up to 110 minutes of cleaning activity between charges. Equally important, the EMMA can clean your home with smart navigation -no more random circles and an expanded cleaning path. And it’s Alexa-enabled! EMMA cleans better and costs roughly $150 less than other robot vacuums with comparable or more advanced features. Say hello to EMMA, your home new best friend!


The Trifo Emma robot vacuum is designed to adapt to all surfaces. Thus, it cleans both your parquet and your carpet. Equipped with a longer main brush than other robot vacuums and a side brush with six claws, the Emma robot vacuum is ideal for cleaning every room quickly, but also the nooks and crannies that give robot vacuums so much trouble. The 3.34-inch ultra-thin automatic vacuum cleaner can easily remove the hard-to-reach debris, dirt, and pet hairs hidden under beds and sofas higher than 3.8 inches correspondingly, which serves as a perfect assistant in your life. The Trifo Home app offers you many features to remotely control your Emma vacuum robot. You can control your robot’s cleanings and schedule the times when it will maintain your home. You can also consult the cleaning history to see how effective Emma is after each of her passages.


Thanks to its suction fan with a power of 3000 Pa, the Trifo Emma robot vacuum cleaner sucks up all types of dust, crumbs, hair, and more in a single pass. With a high-capacity battery that works for up to 110 minutes and its super-fast cleaning speed, the Emma robot vacuum has the autonomy to clean all the rooms in the house on a single charge! Moreover, when the robot has finished its work, it automatically returns to its charging base in order to prepare for its next mission. It has a 600 ml dust deposit, offering you a noise level of 70 dB. It doesn’t matter if you have your house with carpets or different floor levels; the vacuum cleaner will be able to avoid obstacles and climb small slopes of up to 2 cm.

You can use it to clean your entire home thanks to its 5200mAh battery. You will be able to use it for two hours without having to charge it; when it is finished it will return to its charging dock. Thanks to its many intelligent sensors, the Trifo Emma robot vacuum cleans efficiently and moves around your home with ease. Thanks to its intelligent navigation, the Emma robot vacuum is proven to clean up to three times faster than any improvised navigation robot vacuum. The Emma robot vacuum is compatible with Alexa. Ask Alexa to launch the Trifo Home app so the robot picks up where it left off; or give it a specific command and the Emma vacuum robot will take care of it.


Trifo Emma Robot Vacuum Cleaner raises the bar for entry-level robots without compromising on efficiency. The autonomous robot cleans every room two to three times faster than any other device. Thanks to its long-lasting autonomy and its automatic return to its charging base; you will no longer have to take care of your robot vacuum cleaner; it will do all the work for you! You can buy it from Amazon at $149 (Original Price: $299) after using 30% off discount coupon Code: IWAFE5AY until 01/31/202211:59 PM PST. For more information visit the official website.


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