Tronsmart Bang 60W Speaker Review: Powerful Outdoor Wireless Speaker


The Tronsmart Bang is one of the most and heaviest Bluetooth speakers. But how good is the sound of such a Boombox? And do you have to do without something despite the high price? The test shows it. You can already guess what happens when you press the play button on your smartphone. And the mighty big Bluetooth speaker doesn’t disappoint. The volume can be turned up enormously. The brute bass protrudes from the sound and causes vibrations. Distracted by the massaging bass, many forget to listen to the rest of the sound, quickly recedes into the background.

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The Tronsmart Bang is a well-known spindle shape, weighing 3kg, and the convenience of carrying it requires the addition of a solid handle – a buckle – reaching the side frames of the transducers. The appearance only gained in this, gaining even more combat character. The thick mesh protecting most of the structure is second only to the logo, the panel with buttons, and the socket module covered with a rubber plug.

The waterproof coating also protects the buttons. In addition to the usual functions, there is a mode called PartyBoost, which can be called an infinity button. The idea is to “connect” and synchronize with other speakers, even hundreds of them so that you can play louder but not stereo at all.

On the back, under the rubber plug, there is an analog mini-jack input, a charging connector, and a USB-C socket with the so-called power-bank (when it is necessary to recharge, first of all, the smartphone – because without the source Tronsmart Bang or any other wireless speaker will not play). The two end pieces of the loudspeaker are made of black plastic with a rubberized surface.

The passive membranes are also located here. The JBL logo is on the right membrane and has an exclamation mark on the left. The membranes vibrate later with the woofers, meaning that the deep tones are significantly stronger. On the underside, we find a large rubberized area in the middle, which ensures that the loudspeaker stands securely.


The waterproof coating also protects the buttons. In addition to the usual functions, there is a mode called PartyBoost, which can be called with an infinity button; the idea is to “connect” and synchronize with other speakers, even hundreds of them, so that you can play louder, but not stereo at all.

Sound Check

Before we start with the subject of “sound”, we would like to draw your attention to sound is subject to a highly subjective perception. What sounds optimal to us may disturb another person and vice versa. Like most loudspeakers, the Tronsmart Bang covers the common frequency response from 50 Hz to 20 kHz. However, the loudspeaker has its very own sound because even at room volume, there is a broad spectrum with a decent volume, as we would otherwise expect from larger floor-standing loudspeakers.

A song that should fit this speaker perfectly. If we move away from the speaker a little, the sound pleasantly unfolds. Because the two 20mm tweeters radiate forward and the stage formation takes place effectively only in about 3 – 4 m and improves with increasing elevation to the speaker. Voice reproduction is clear and fun. The drums and the e-bass are particularly important, but this weakens a bit as soon as the e-guitar solo starts. The tuning is designed for the bass and higher-level associated dynamics.

The Tronsmart Bang covers a frequency of 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz and thus provides almost the entire spectrum audible to the human ear. The speaker has an output power of 2×30 watts when connected to the mains and 2×20 watts when on battery. Even when the JBL Boombox plays music at full volume, there is virtually no distortion.

It can produce a volume so high that even with the limiting presence of the speaker, listeners will put their hands to their ears at full volume. The power produced by the Tronsmart Bang is significantly higher than the maximum volume of the JBL BoomBox. At the treble level, the tweeters of the Tronsmart Bang can also offer good performance at low volume. However, the woofers struggle to support the tweeters on low volume, which means the treble emphasizes the bass. This can be mitigated by activating outdoor mode.


Tronsmart has an app, but it is unnecessary to use the Bang. Rather, the app is used to keep the speaker’s firmware up to date and to start stereo mode and party mode. In stereo mode, two loudspeakers are coupled so that one reproduces only the left and the other only the right audio channel. This means that even large rooms can be filled with sound at a good volume.


The two middle buttons house LEDs that light up either white or blue and indicate the operating status. Another LED display is located below the manufacturer’s logo on the front. This shows the status of the battery.


Tronsmart Bang puts the battery life at 15 hours, but this value realistically depends on the volume. It takes 4.5 hours to charge the battery fully. Speaking of the battery, the speaker also has an integrated power bank function that can deliver a maximum of 2.0 A to a smart device. The speaker’s battery is specified with a capacity of 60W, which corresponds to 10,800 mAh.

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The Tronsmart Bang Bluetooth is a source of music straddling the Hifi and the portable speaker that you can always take with you. Due to its affordable price, it is aimed at ages, adults, or teenagers. We find it very practical because it fits well into home furnishings. And you can use it to receive friends and put on music or even take it with you. It’s indeed kind of the kind of speaker that we would all like to have, especially when we love music—Tronsmart’s build quality results in excellent, well-defined, and structured sound quality.

Connect a USB cable or a multiport adapter since the speaker has a very large battery (10000mA). This makes it possible to charge several phones, cameras, etc. Rather practical. Plugged into the mains, you can always connect your smartphone to the speaker without draining the battery. It is, therefore, a versatile speaker. With its integrated microphone, it reacts to commands from Google or Siri.

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