Tronsmart Bang Mini 50W Review: is it Really Mini?


A few days ago, we analyzed the Tronsmart Bang, one of the most recommended Bluetooth speakers on the market. Now Tronsmart has another very interesting and slightly more portable novelty. The Tronsmart Bang Mini is now available on Amazon or AliExpress with a very attractive list of features. Don’t be fooled by the name “Mini,” as it is one of the most powerful portable speakers. Thanks to Tronsmart for giving us a chance to test and review Bang Mini. So If you were looking for one, you might need to look at this review. Let’s check out.

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Technical data

Model Tronsmart Bang Mini
Color Black
Dimensions 302 x 125 x 173 mm
Weight 2.4 kg
Frequency range 65Hz – 20kHz
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.3 (approx. 15m range) with SBC codec
Input power 5V/2A via Type-C connector
Output power 50 watts
Waterproof IPX6 certified
Playing time
    • Up to 15 hours with LED lighting off,
    • Up to 5 hours with LED illumination activated


Charge duration approx. 4 hours
Driver Two mid-range tweeters, two subwoofers, and three passive radiators
  • Pairable with a second Bang Mini speaker
  • NFC support
  • LED lighting
  • Integrated power bank
  • Integrated microphone


Tronsmart Bang Mini largely resembles. Tronsmart Bang. This is not a special surprise since both products belong to one family, but the first contact shows that we are dealing with a device with smaller dimensions – not only in terms of the actual capacity but also weight. The inscription “Tronsmart” is located in two places: on the front of the device (a small, neat logo) and on the plastic handle, which allows you to carry the speaker conveniently.

Despite this, Bang Mini is not associated with a toy, and the weight of 2.7 kg means that it is a device that is not an empty shell. The loudspeaker itself looks elegant, although it is not a device I would recommend for a vernissage. The whole speaker is covered with a very well-stretched fabric. At the top, just below the handle, it has seven buttons for us to control our music (play, pause, power, volume).

It is a model with dimensions of 302 x 125 x 173mm. As you can see, although it cannot be considered an excessively large product, the truth is that the manufacturer has still come up a bit with calling it “mini” because mini, what is said mini, is not either. It is worth mentioning that it has IPX6 resistance. You can use it near a water source since it is resistant to splashes, but be careful with sand or dust because it does not have resistance to this. So better keep it away from the beach if this was your intention.

The highlight of the speaker is an LED backlight located on the sides of the device. It looks very effective, and it will certainly make many meetings more pleasant in the evening. However, it is worth remembering that leaving the backlight on is associated with a shorter operation time.


Going into detail, the sound system is confirmed by two 12W tweeters each, two 25W woofers each, and three passive radiators. These are seasoned with the proprietary SoundPulse software to adapt to different types of music, improve quality and reduce any distortion and space for an SD card so as not to depend on another. Devices to enjoy music.

Sound Quality

Tronsmart Bang Mini offers great specs, exceptional stereo sound, and no volume. It leverages SoundPulse® Audioowner of Tronsmart, which has three main features. First and foremost, it is designed to counteract harmonic distortion and eliminate noise, making vocals smoother, sounding richer, and allowing listeners to enjoy your music for longer.

Second, SoundPulse® technology shifts the sound output position from the chamber to the front of the speaker, widening the good range to fill the entire room with quality vocals and strengthening the stereo sound effect. Thirdly, SoundPulse® technology provides an enhanced bass effect. A common problem for full-range speakers is the inability to produce high-pitched vocals and deep bass simultaneously. SoundPulse® technology allows differences in sound to be processed separately. In my opinion, the sound is perfect, not any compromise.


But its advantages do not end here. It also has a built-in microphone, so if you need to answer a phone call, you can do that too, or maybe you want to use it to use virtual assistants, such as Siri, Cortana, or Google Assistant.


Finally, a separate mention deserves its battery, which offers us several possibilities. Let’s go by parts, as Jack the Ripper said. We found a battery that can be charged via USB-C in an estimated 4 hours. This is a somewhat slow charge that we would have liked to see reduced, but you cannot have everything perfect with this price range because the price is very affordable if we compare it to competitors.

As for its autonomy offers us a time of up to 13 hours without dynamic lighting or up to 15 hours with the lighting off, But if you want to enjoy the music with RGB Lights, it lasts 3-4 Hours. Finally, we can mention that it can be used as a power bank. It is true if at any time your mobile or any other device is running out of battery, the speaker can give it a charge.


Continuing with the characteristics of the Tronsmart Bang Mini, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker offers Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity to link your mobile phone and guarantee total signal stability. As if that wasn’t enough, it also has NFC to connect to any compatible device quickly. The best of all? In addition to offering a long-lasting battery, you can use the Tronsmart Bang Mini as a power bank to charge any device.

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Suppose you are looking for a solid product with many positive aspects, including a powerful sound of very good quality, transportable, waterproof, and attractive price. In that case, this is the case with the Tronsmart Bang Party! With an excellent autonomy of 15h, which promises good evenings in perspective, it has become a serious competitor for products in its category with this price range. You can currently buy it on official Trosmart Geekbuying and AliExpress stores at very affordable prices. Just click the button and order now.

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