Tronsmart T7 30W Speaker Review: 360° Sound Will Amaze You!


The company’s new speaker specializing in audio devices is called Tronsmart T7 Speaker, designed to animate parties with its colors and functions that make it suitable for any situation. The speaker, already on sale on some online platforms, is characterized by the cylindrical shape that allows you to obtain a 360-degree sound thanks to the intelligent positioning of the speakers, with the possibility of connecting two speakers to get an incredible stereo effect.

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Let’s start immediately with the unboxing of the Tronsmart T7. For some time now, Tronsmart has also decided to focus on the quality of the packaging, to make the idea of ​​a high-end product even more. The speaker is inside a sturdy and colorful box, with the usual Tronsmart graphics and product specifications. We opened the package; we immediately found our speaker in comfortable plastic protection, which avoids bumps. Above the speaker, we see the USB Type-C charging cable, plus the usual manuals and warranty. The wall charger and 3.5mm adapter are missing.


Tronsmart has technically changed its new T7 model internally and completely revised its appearance. The new speaker is completely black and weighs around 930 grams, almost twice as much as its predecessor! In direct comparison, it has “grown” quite a bit and has increased its range significantly. If you are used to the dimensions and weight of the predecessor, the change is big, and you can feel it more clearly with the backpack. So, we have to say no to the manufacturer’s “Ultra-Portable”.

It measures 255 x 125 x 93 mm and weighs 1.23 kg, combining the plastic with a soft mesh in the speaker area, and with the rubber on the buttons and the base so that there is a perfect vibration during the reading.

The multicolored LED lighting is also new. It can blow several colors into the ring at the same time, adapt to the music, or imitate “breathing,” also known in gaming circles. A nice gimmick that breathes a little life into the Tronsmart T7 but also literally absorbs it. However, we explain what it is in the battery life section. Strong: Thanks to IPX7, the speaker is protected against water ingress! It would help if you didn’t submerge it, but it should withstand a heavy downpour without any problems.


As already mentioned, it’s not just the design that has changed over the years. A lot has happened inside. The Tronsmart T7 relies on a completely new speaker system, consisting of two tweeters and a subwoofer. The manufacturer has also upgraded to Bluetooth 5.3, which we think is good in this case. Finally, modern radio technology in the housing of a Chinese audio manufacturer. Incidentally, charging is via USB-C, which we think is great, but it should be something that goes without saying.


The strong point of Tronsmart T7 is undoubtedly the smart features: the speakers are equipped with a TWS mode, which allows you to connect 2 speakers simultaneously in stereo mode in an extremely simple way, making them perfect for any party, indoors or outdoors. Press a button to associate the speakers, which will remember the connection even after being turned off and read by the devices as a single speaker. The range of Bluetooth is pretty good, we are talking about 20 meters, and it covers a large room quietly.


Thanks to SoundPulse Audio technology, it will be possible to customize the audio experience to the maximum by adjusting the equalizer quickly through the dedicated button on the speaker or with even more options thanks to the dedicated app. Also interesting is the possibility of making and receiving calls, thanks to the integrated microphone. In this case, however, we will have to stay quite close to the speakers to allow our interlocutor to hear us decently. Also good is the possibility of activating the voice assistant with a long press of the dedicated key.


The 30W output of this little giant can all be heard and gives a very high volume; most of the time, you will find yourself using them at just over half the book, especially in closed places. The bass performance is excellent as always, with very satisfying results, and undoubtedly represents the strength of this speaker, the undisputed trademark of Tronsmart. Outstanding performance even in the medium frequencies, honest even in the highs, the final result is a reproduction that is always clean and enjoyable, with particular attention to the bass.

The sound quality is good and remains so even at a very high volume. I have not encountered distortions or quality losses with streaming services such as YouTube, Spotify, or the fully compatible Flac format. A separate discussion for MP3 songs. In some cases, the poor quality of the file caused a loss of quality at maximum volume, which disappeared when turned down slightly.


The 30W power in such a small speaker looks inviting, especially considering the shape and 360-degree sound that spreads around. It is a pity that the manufacturer used a relatively low-capacity cell with only 2000 mAh. The declared working time with the backlight turned off is approx. Fourteen hours, while with the backlight turned on, it melts only to 4 hours. You can see how much the backlight is draining the battery.

Of course, we can discharge the speaker faster. It also depends on how loud we listen to the music. You can enjoy the USB-C connector for charging (which is becoming a standard) and an SD card slot. If you have music stored on the card, and you have a lot of it, when the phone discharges or you lose range, you will still be able to enjoy your favorite music.

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Tronsmart T7 is undoubtedly a great accessory for those who want to listen to their music without being attached to a cable and with excellent audio quality. T7 is suitable for indoor environments but finds maximum outdoor expression, thanks to its water resistance and compact design. If you would like to order it, you can buy T7 on AliExpress just by clicking the following button.

Order Tronsmart T7 on AliExpress Order Tronsmart T7 on Amazon US


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