Tronsmart Encore S1, Encore S2, Element T2, Element T1, Presto Snapping UP Start


Tronsmart is a famous brand specialized in TV BOX, but recently, we have seen they have expanded their product line to release other accessories like earphones, speakers, power banks etc. They have released some models like Encore S1 and Encore S2 headphones, and Element T2 , Element T1, two speakers and Tronsmart Presto power bank with black and white color. Most importantly, in order to let you enjoy them first, they have held a big promotion for them to let you enjoy saving up to 30% now.

First, Tronsmart Encore S1 and Tronsmart Encore S2 are both latest sports headphones, they have similarities and difference. Both have 10 meter range, which can support 10 hours working time and 1.5 to 2 hours charging time. They both support Bluetooth 4.1 Connectivity, Superior Sound Quality, Magnetic and Lightweight Earbuds, High call resolution, IPX34 Rated Water-Resistance. But they are a little different in design, Encore S1 is only an earphone, but Encore S2 is an 2-in-1 earphone, which can not only be used as an earphone, but also a headphone, which is more convenient. So the price of Encore S2 is a little more expensive than Encore S1. Right now Encore S1 is in flash sale at $22.99, while Encore S2 is flash sale at $27.99, valid in 7 days.

Second, Tronsmart T1 and Tronsmart T2 are their latest Bluetooth speaker, we have introduced them before. They look really similar, but they still have some difference such as different design, and The former is packed with a pair of loudspeaker to enlarge the sound out, namely, treble, the latter, T2 focuses on more Bass. They both support Bluetooth 4.2, Water Resistant and Incredible Battery Life. Right now they both are in flash sale at $29.99, also valid in 7 days.

Third, Tronsmart Presto is the latest 10000mAh power bank to support quick charge 3.0, VoltiQ &FCP Technology, it can be compatible with Huawei P9/Honor V8/Mate8/Honor 8/Honor 7/P9+/Xiaomi M5/HTC One A9/LeEco Le Max 2/LG G5, etc. It has some interfaces such as 5V/3A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A micro-USB port, 5V/2.4A (VoltiQ) output. Most importantly, it has enjoyed flash sale price at $26.99 for black and white now.

In all, when we buy a product, we should check if the product has coupon or flash sale price, the main goal is to save more money for you to purchase the same products. If you have purchased Tronsmart products, you will believe they have produced different goods with good quality. Anyway, check here from Geekbuying now.

Name  coupon price coupon code  End date Link
2018/03/19 Tronsmart Element T2 Bluetooth 4.2 Outdoor Water Resistant Speaker – Black $25.99 IYPPTWSS 50 2018/04/19 YES

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