Tronsmart Groove 2 Review: Most Worthy Rugged Portable Speaker


Tronsmart has done it again. We recently had the opportunity to review the exceptional Tronsmart T7 Mini and now we have been able to review the new Tronsmart Groove 2, since it picks up many design elements from its previous version. The new bluetooth speaker has surprised us from the beginning since given its tight price we expected a reliable product and little else, skeptical that Tronsmart could do much more for such a price.

Accustomed to the quality of other brands. However, its monumental battery that reaches 18 hours of playback with lights off, added to its compact size, its TWS function and its exceptional sound quality in handling bass, especially, has made us fully fall in love with this new model and that we understand that so many positive opinions are owed.

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We begin this review with the unboxing where we must say that it arrives in a relatively compact box where we will find the speaker, a 3.5 mm audio connection cable, a USB type C charging cable (which is already good for the new generation of smartphones) and a kind of “rope” that allows us to hook the speaker to our backpack or bicycle, for example. The speaker is denoted from the first moment a good construction. It has rubber on the exposed parts and is quite protected from the elements.

Design & Build

The Groove 2 is an octagonal shaped speaker and the set of edges, visible screws, the grille and a very double rubberized coating gives it a very captivating armored appearance. The 4 physical buttons are placed at the top (on/off, play/pause, volume up, volume down), while the 3 inputs are placed behind, hidden by a rubber sheath that guarantees waterproofing, and include the door Type C, the slot for the micro SD and an input for the AUX cable. The polycarbonate extension is very useful for tying the case with the supplied lace, favoring its portability and interesting, as well as functional to the sound performance, the positioning of the passive radiator for low frequencies placed behind “in sight”.

The measures are 10 x 10 cm with a thickness of 6 cm , all for a weight of approximately 443g. Proof of the fact that we are dealing with a solid and compact mini tank. The quality of the assembly and the wise use of materials give back the feeling of an almost indestructible product, which is not afraid of accidental falls and bad weather, thanks also to the IPX7 certification of water resistance.

The Groove 2 in fact is not afraid of rain and splashes of water but we will tell you more: we completely submerged the case in a bucket of water to carry out an extreme waterproofing test and it came out completely unscathed. We do not recommend repeating the experiment at home for the simple fact that the IPX7 certification does not guarantee the underwater use of the device.

There is also a key combination for the colored octagonal LED ring. If the light organ is not deactivated, the battery life drops from 18 to 8 hours. At least there is a wildly flashing red warning LED if the battery is almost empty.


The power of 10W is more than enough for outdoor parties and sports, especially given the possibility of connecting multiple units at the same time. The “SoundPulse” technology, Tronsmart proprietary algorithm, helps to increase the final quality even more. The volume power of this speaker is very high, perfect for a party. It has no distortion when the volume is raised or lowered to the maximum and it is simply capable of filling any type of environment with sound. TWS technology is the most striking function that this device has, since with 2 units of the Tronsmart Groove 2, it is possible to enjoy stereo sound when connecting between them. Its pairing only takes a minute, allowing you to enjoy music with high sound quality.

Compatibility and Connectivity

In addition to Bluetooth 5.3 and a 3.5 mm jack input, there is also a microSD card slot, very good. The Tronsmart Groove 2 can also play music completely independently, without an external playback medium that you have to carry around with you. This ensures a wireless connection. To do this, you must have an electronic device such as a smartphone or a tablet equipped with this technology. The objective is to distribute music from your device within the different libraries you have.

Sound Quality

It is very common for this class of small speakers to sound boring, however the Groove 2 has surprised me for good. The sound is clear, clean and can be heard very well. Still, it has its limitations. The 50mm driver is not capable of producing all frequencies in detail. In fact, the frequency range of this speaker is somewhat limited 20Hz – 20KHz. Mids and highs are relatively good, although instrument separation could be better. In addition, the sound in general lacks a bit of body, because the basses are just a little more powerful and detailed. Another positive aspect is that the sound quality is maintained quite well while we turn up the volume.

From my point of view, the Tronsmart Groove 2 has the ideal power to play background music in large rooms and even outdoors, but it is not enough to liven up a party. The sound stays small and does not fill the space. In addition, it has another ace up its sleeve, it has TWS (True Wireless Stereo). TWS is a technology that allows you to pair two speakers and both sound at the same time in stereo. In addition, the stereo greatly improves the experience when listening to music. Come on, I recommend them even if it’s for you alone.

Built-in Microphone

Like most current speakers, especially those of this size, the Tronsmart Groove 2 is equipped with “hands-free” functionality. That is to say that if your phone is connected to the speaker, it is possible to easily answer calls directly via the bluetooth speaker. Thus, your call will be broadcast on the loudspeakers of the speaker, and your voice will be picked up by the integrated microphone.


For such a compact Bluetooth speaker, the Tronsmart Groove 2 has a fairly large battery installed. Specifically, it delivers 2500 mAh and, according to the manufacturer, should last for up to 18 hours at moderate volume with LED OFF and with LED OFF it last around 8 Hours, we used it in our review for 4-5 hours and just gone 80 to 40% battery with LED on. Really a solid value. As a stereo speaker, the test also revealed that the master speaker’s battery consumed more energy than the slave speaker.

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The Tronsmart Groove 2 has pleasantly surprised me. I was looking for a small and sturdy Bluetooth speaker to put in my backpack without worrying about it. And he has fulfilled more than enough.

The construction is bombproof and the battery is inexhaustible. And for that, it has become my travel speaker, as long as my 5-year-old nephew leaves it to me. It has taken over him. He loves it because of the size and the passive radiator that moves with the music. He is very amusing to her. Since he is indestructible, he carries him around with the cord.

The case has a convincing audio performance, a generous battery, excellent build quality, solidity of the materials and all protected by a certification against rain and accidental water splashes. Small moles for a non-exciting microphone and a non-exciting connection stability.

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About Tronsmart

Founded in 2013, Tronsmart celebrates its 9th anniversary in June. The tech brand designs and manufactures premium tech accessories recommended by Qualcomm, Forbes, Yahoo and many other big companies and media. In addition, Luis Suarez was signed as official ambassador in 2018. The company has expanded rapidly, selling its products in over 70 countries across many regions including North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia and holds more than 40 patents including its SoundPulse® technology. Tronsmart’s core value is to make life easier by providing customers with high-tech, quality, and high-performance products.


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