Tronsmart T7 Mini Review: Compact Design But Louder in Sound


The last Bluetooth speaker from the brand that we tested was the Tronsmart Studio, which was quite heavy thanks to its metal housing, but had a strong sound. The shape of the latest model, the Tronsmart T7 Mini Speaker, is also based on successful competitors. So how do you set yourself apart from the competition?

With two values ​​that have what it takes to stir up the market, 30 days is the recommended price for the portable outdoor speaker, and 18 hours is the maximum runtime promised by the manufacturer. This is really such an announcement that you are happy to take additional features such as a small LED ring, the carrying strap and the IPX7 water resistance with you. Let’s talk further about Tronsmart T7 Mini Review in this article.

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When opening the box we find the Tronsmart T7 Mini highlighted. In addition to it, there are other elements such as the Type-C charging cable, an Aux cable and an instruction manual that you won’t need. The box immediately shows the product in the foreground and we realize that the Tronsmart T7 Mini is mini, but only in name. The new Tronsmart T7 Mini is very well built in terms of protection against the elements and drops, as the materials used are very resistant. There are no different color versions, only black. The manufacturer supplies both a USB-C cable for charging and a jack cable for connecting analog sources.

Thanks to the stylish and practical design reinforced by the IPX7 water resistance rating, the T7 Mini goes well anywhere, whether it’s a table in your living room, swimming pool, or just hanging somewhere in your backpack while you enjoy your favorite sports activities. Almost the entire side surface is covered in water-repellent, pleasant-to-the-touch fabric with rubberized parts on the upper and lower control panel. The speaker weighs approximately half a pound and fits comfortably in the hand.

It’s compact and firm in the hand and doesn’t give that feeling of sturdiness that I didn’t expect from a product at this price. On top of the Tronsmart T7 Mini is an LED circle that lights up according to the chosen music and rhyth, in the center are the various buttons, including volume (high or low), power and some modes for the LED lights. The latter, in fact, allow you to choose the preferred lighting effect between fixed, dynamic LEDs (blue, purple, red, yellow, green and blue to start over).

Easy To Control

The on/off button serves as the source switch. And otherwise, the operating logic is based on multiple use, the volume buttons are also assigned with double-clicking a track selection, the play button even has 5 functions.

Nothing works here without the sometimes cutely translated instructions. Once you have learned the functions, you will certainly appreciate the hands-free function with either accepting or rejecting calls and calling up the voice assistant. A second telephone can be connected via multipoint, but is left out when making calls and voice assistants.

Sound Quality

The Tronsmart T7 Mini is equipped with a broadband speaker at the front and a passive radiator for the bass at the back. The power amplifier should provide a whopping 15 watts. It remains a mystery how the manufacturer promises “Ultimate Stereo Sound” with this arrangement. That’s not possible. What works on the other hand is the coupling of two copies to a stereo pair. In view of the low price, this is also an obvious temptation.

The marketing department finally went through the nags when creating the data sheet. We believe a lot, but with a claimed frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz, an experienced hearing tester has to smile. TWS technology lets you listen to your favorite tracks in stereo using two Tronsmart Element T7 Mini speakers with a smartphone: just sync the two devices and enjoy surround sound.

In addition, the TWS technology present in it allows us to listen to our favorite songs in stereo. The brand also leaves us with a new light on the speaker, which will flash to the rhythm of the music and that users can customize to their liking. So we can have that party atmosphere at all times.

Compatibility and Connectivity

If you want to play songs from a 3.5mm jack device, all you have to do is plug the appropriate cable into the speaker and you’re good to go. Furthermore, you will find the charging input for USB-C on the side, as well as the slot for the Miro SD card on the far right. There is nothing more to say about the built-in control units. In our test, we quickly understood how to use it and didn’t need any time to get used to the new device because it could be operated intuitively.


According to the manufacturer, up to 15 hours of playback time should be possible. We got about 17 hours and used the speaker primarily in the bathroom when showering and in the living room at home. However, if you turn up the volume for a longer period of time, the playback time quickly drops below 18 hours without light on and 8 hours with light on.

We estimate the battery to have a playback capacity of at least 10 hours with light and almost full load, which is really good in this price and size class. The maximum volume is completely sufficient for a 14 square meter room and creates a good atmosphere.

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If you receive a call while playing music, the volume of the speaker is adjusted to the preset phone volume and you can hear the person you are talking to clearly. The built-in microphone allows for pleasant and practical phone calls. The Tronsmart T7 Mini also serves as a perfect hands-free device. If you want to buy the Bluetooth speaker, you don’t even have to dig deep into your pocket. It is already available for 30USD on Geekbuying. it still offers the best price-performance ratio for us.

Buy Tronsmart T7 Mini on Geekbuying

About Tronsmart

Founded in 2013 and celebrating its 9th anniversary in June, Tronsmart is a technology brand specializing in the design and manufacture of world-class technology accessories approved by Qualcomm, Forbes, Yahoo and Qualcomm. many companies, recognized by other organizations. Other mainstream media are encouraged. It also signed Luis Suarez as official ambassador in 2018. The company has rapidly expanded and sold its products to more than 70 countries in multiple regions including North America, South America, Europe, Central East and Asia and holds over 40 patents including SoundPulse®. Technology. Tronsmart’s core value is to make life easier by providing customers with high-tech, high-quality and high-performance products.


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