Tronsmart Onyx Pure: Most Affordable Earbuds in $30


Tronsmart is constantly expanding its range of TWS headphones. In this way, it manages to cover the tastes of an increasingly large part of the buying public. Tronsmart’s latest creation is the Tronsmart Onyx Pure headphones. It is an economic proposal that does not, however, discount either the quality of the build or the quality of the sound. The Tronsmart Onyx Pure features the same audio technology as the Onyx Prime.

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The packaging of Onyx Pure is a small cardboard box in the standard colors of white and purple that the company has become accustomed to. Inside, we will find, in addition to the case and headphones, an instruction booklet in seven languages, the warranty card, the USB Type-C cable for charging, and two pairs of spare silicone Ear Tips, in small and large sizes. Mediums are already installed in the headphones. The Onyx Pure fit well in the ears without falling out or tiring as they are very light. Because they are very small, they do not protrude from the ears, with the correct selection of the size of the Ear Tips.


With an in-ear design, the Tronsmart Onyx Pure looks similar to the headphones in the category. The device is compact and has silicone tips, which promise comfort and safety during use. In addition, a plastic rod in its structure is responsible for ensuring that the device does not fall out of the ear.

To ensure a more discreet look, the Onyx Pure has matte details in its structure. The model is available in black. The battery charging case follows the same color palette and has compact dimensions that allow it to be carried in a trouser pocket. The case also has an LED light that indicates charging.

The headphones are certified for protection against moisture, IPX5. This means they can work without being affected by humidity, sweat, and water splashes. So we can use them even during intensive training or jogging in the rain without any problems.


The surface of the audio accessory has controls that allow you to carry out commands without taking your cell phone out of your pocket. It is possible to answer and reject calls, pause and skip the songs in the play, and activate the voice assistant and the low latency mode with taps on the sides of the earphones.

Sound Quality

The Bass option emphasizes low frequencies and boosts the bass. Pure chance emphasizes high frequencies and is mainly suitable for art music. However, I prefer the Bass option. I think it offers a fuller sound in all kinds of music. Switching between Equalizer options is done by triple pressing the touch button on the left earcup. The headphones use the ENC environmental noise reduction algorithm. Phone calls are typical of Tronsmart- the voice is loud and clear enough, but there are sometimes crackles on the line.

In addition, wind noise reduces the voice’s volume, making conversations difficult. However, answering phone calls in quieter places and rooms is not a problem. Watching videos is no problem with Tronsmart Onyx Pure: sync between audio and video is good on both iPhone and Android. There is a special low-latency mode in games. There’s still a lag, but it’s less noticeable than many other earbuds.

The call quality is good, and it is also due to the high volume of the set, which rewards even worse GSM coverage. The voice we heard was natural and loud, and the interlocutors also had no objection to how they listened to me. In recall, I have no com about voice casements, and the equipment works well.


The Tronsmart Onyx Pure TWS in-ear wireless headphones will allow you to listen to music for up to 7 hours. However, this time is extended to 32 hours thanks to the included charging case. The case is very compact, so you can easily put it in your pocket. What’s more, the specially contoured shape of the headphones and a set of silicone inserts will make you find the perfect one.


The Onyx Pure connection is completely wireless via Bluetooth 5.3, which promises fast and stable transmission to connect to various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and video games. The phone has a low latency mode that promises to improve the quality of content watched in streaming apps, games, and lives with better sync between image and audio.

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We recommend the Tronsmart Onyx Pure whether you want to upgrade your old headphones or just get into the game. They have a battery to spare, they are comfortable, light, and, let’s not forget, the autonomy of the charging case. If we consider the affordable price, there is no need to look any further. You can currently buy it on AliExpress at Just $27.99 on Flash sale. Click the button and order it now.

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