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Chuwi is a very well known company established from 2004 specialized in tablets, smart robot cleaners and some other digital electronic products as they mention in their page. Their tablets are one of the best in the market, with very good specs and with high demand. The company in order to celebrate Black Friday and make happy all it fans, for the period of 22nd of November and till 30 of November is offering coupons and lower prices in it’s major models, so you can have the change more easily to buy the tablet of your dreams.


So for these period you can have coupons, with 2$ OFF for each coupon code, for 3000 pieces only, which means for 3000 lucky users. You can also get 5$ OFF coupon for orders of 169$ and more or 10$ OFF coupon for orders of 299$ or more


Special Recomendations

Chuwi has something very special for us and of course at a very special price. I’m speaking for the Chuwi Hi10 Plus. The Chuwi Hi10 Plus features a 10.8″ display with 1920 x 1280 screen resolution, IPS and 3:2 Ratio. Under the hood we will find the latest Quad Core 64-Bit Intel X5 Z8350 CPU ticking. Runs dual boot with Windows 10 Redstone and Android 5.1 installed. And as a bonus comes with gift from Chuwi and are Leather Keyboard Case, Rotary Shaft Keyboard & Stylus Support. Is that a Great gift specially now for Christmas!?


You can also check from Chuwi the Hi10 Plus + Leather Keyboard Case that comes at the price of $169.9, Hi10 Plus + HiPen H2 Stylus at the price of $169.9 and the Hi10 Plus + Rotary Shaft Keyboard at the price of $199.9.


Other Hot Products

In case you haven’t found exactly what you are searching, which I doubt, check also these Hot Products from Chuwi, which are also very good. You could check the CHUWI Hi12 Dual OS at the price of $229.9$ limited to 100 Units, CHUWI HiBook Pro 10.1″ Dual OS at the price of $186.99 limited to 100 Units, CHUWI Hi10 Pro 10.1″ at the unique price of $166.77 limited to 100 Units, CHUWI Hi8 8″ Dual OS for $74.9 limited to 100 Units, CHUWI Hi10 10.1″ Dual OS at the price of $157.72 limited to 100 Units and finally the CHUWI Hi-Power 10000mAh Two-way 18W Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank at the price of $19.9 limited to 100 Units

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 With offers like that and specially with that low price of the Chuwi Hi10 Plus, who can resist and buy nothing!? Join Black Friday at Chuwi to find the perfect gift for you or your beloved at a very low price!


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