Turing HubblePhone: The Smartphone That Comes From Space With 2 Screens and 5G


Turing Phone, Turing‘s first smartphone, was scrapped from the company’s projects. The connection to Turing’s recent website only helps the user trace back to the company’s name and projects that focus on encryption.

Turing Phone failure partly because the price is too high. However, Turing does not seem to give up. Currently, the company is testing a shell-like smartphone called HubblePhone. Turing was even more ambitious on HubblePhone than Turing Phone before.

To advertise HubblePhone, Turing said that the smartphone will be integrated AI for a series of high-end features such as “Artificial Realities” (Afr), AR, VR, MR, XR, 5G NR, multi-screen, mobile game console … But HubblePhone still attracts most people in its design.

The concept in the video demonstrates this is a flip/flip phone with three screens: a dual back-to-back dual display on the back of the fold and a screen on the keyboard area. However, HubblePhone not only opens and closes like a flip phone. It can also rotate the screen like a mini laptop and old-school audio recorder.

The HubblePhone specs are also pretty impressive with the Snapdragon 855 (speculated mass production), 8GB RAM, 256GB maximum memory in each separate section of the 2 folding flaps. It’s like you own two smartphones together, the main part with the 4K screen (the upper part), the rest own two Full HD screen. These two parts also have separate batteries of 2800mAh and 3300mAh (top/bottom). The HubblePhone will also be equipped with a 15x zoom camera.

Turing HubblePhone sales price is $2749 and it will not be available sooner than June 2020 in the United States. It is unclear whether this great Turing project will come true or will continue to be a “bomb” like Turing Phone before.

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