Uhans MAX 2 VS Iphone 6s Plus Screen Review


When we buy a smartphone, one of the most important factors to affect our decision is the appearance and design, someone may buy a new phone for watching videos more conveniently. Right now we highly recommend this Uhans Max 2 Smartphone, which has large 6.44 inch screen, and Uhans has also made a video about comparison between Uhans MAX 2 and iPhone 6s plus.

As a phablet, it can be regarded as a smartphone and a tablet pc, those 4.7 inch or 5.5 inch phones will not bring nice and large viewing angle in watch videos at ease. Uhans MAX 2 has 6.44 inch FHD screen which can compare with iPhone 6S Plus with 5.5 inch screen, it is obvious that larger screen will let you enjoy favorite movie stars, football players competition better with optimal view angle, and razor sharp resolution.

We believe some users may be the fans of World cup, therefore, Uhans MAX 2 can meet your needs to watch best videos, do you think so? Have you experienced Uhans other phones before? Check here for more technical support.


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