Ulefone F2 with RAM 8GB and Bezel-Less Smartphone Will Come Soon


Currently Ulefone are preparing the clone of Samsung Galaxy S8, called Ulefone F2 smartphone, and it will be their first RAM 8GB smartphone. As we know, only Asus ZenFone AR and Oneplus 5 have released their own RAM 8GB smartphone, others haven’t released them out. Right now Ulefone F2 will be upcoming one with RAM 8GB. So how are its other specs?

Ulefone F2 will use infinity display, almost zero side bezels, minimal upper and lower bezels. It will have 5.7 inch screen with 18.5:9 aspect ratio, maybe 1080P resolution, we can confirm it will use massive RAM 8GB and dual rear camera, as for others, we have to wait for more news from Ulefone official.

Although we need to wait details about Ulefone F2, we can still try its current hot models like Ulefone Gemini flash sale at $115.99, Ulefone  Gemini Pro at $249.99, Ulefone Power 2 at $168.99 smartphones first.



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