Ulefone Future – Record Incredible Slow Motion Video Like the Pro’s


Ulefone’s flagship model the Ulefone Future comes packed with a 16MP Samsung S5K3P3 main camera.
What many Future owners do not realize is that this camera can slow motion video at an incredible 120fps!!
The camera captures incredible detail while recording at a 5th of normal speed.

Watch Ulefone Future slow motion video:

Every single movement is captured in such beautiful detail, that the user can watch every ripple from a single drop of water. As you know, Ulefone Future is the lastest no-bezel 4GB smartphone, it is powered by MTK6755 Octa core processor, and it has 16MP rear camera and 5.5inch 1080p FHD screen with  Off-screen Gestures Type-C functions. You can check the video about the Ulefone Future 120FPS slowmotion.
The very stable and fluid images captured by the Ulefone Future allow any user to study every muscle movement of a dancer or sports person in beautiful detail and like a professional.


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