Ulefone Future vs Vivo Xplay 5S vs Iphone 6s plus vs Xiaomi MAX


Ulefone has compared its flagship smartphone Ulefone Future with UMI Super before, right now, Ulefone in order to show its nice craftsmanship compare Ulefone future with other big brands such as Vivo Xplay 5s, iPhone 6s, Xiaomi Max in view of its design or processing.

Watch Comparison video:


Ulefone Future is a 5.5inch MTK6755 Octa core RAM 4GB smartphone, it is attracted by its exquisite craftsmanship design, it uses Corning Gorilla Glass 3 touch screen to support off-screen gestures and USB Type C function. This time Ulefone Future has been compared in its front, back, side and bezel edge with Vivo Xplay 5S, iphone 6S and Xiaomi max. It proves Ulefone future takes one piece of metal with CNC processing to have the best design which can compare with those big brands. So Ulefone future can be a better competitive choice after comparison.

Therefore, Ulefone Future shows its elegant craftsmanship and superior quality with truly bezel-less 5.5inch FHD screen. It also is equipped with nice dual camera with 5MP front and 13MP back. You can enjoy the nice craftsmanship of Ulefone future according to official video introduction. You can also enjoy the Ulefone future review from us. So which smartphone can win in your mind?


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