Ulefone Is Working On A 13,000 mAh Battery, Known As Ulefone Power Max


It seems that Ulefone is working on a new smartphone that has a battery capacity large enough to easily withstand continued use for two and maybe, even more, days before a recharge is needed. This phone is Ulefone Power Max and according to the information published, the Ulefone Power Max will be equipped with a 13,000 mAh battery.

Ulefone is already known for its large-capacity smartphones and has a range of options that are equipped with a 6,050 mAh battery capacity. However, even from Ulefone’s standards, Power Max seems to be an impressive smartphone, especially in terms of autonomy, as it doubles its capacity compared to its already big smartphones.

In fact, if Power Max comes into the market as expected then this is likely to be one of the largest batteries found on a smartphone, if not the largest. It is also understandable that Power Max will not be the only smartphone that focuses on the battery that Ulefone will present in the coming months as the company is also preparing to release the Ulefone Power 3.

As the name suggests, Power 3 will be the next-in-a-kind proposition from the Power line of the company and as a result will continue to power the Power that comes equipped with a 6,050 mAh battery. In this way, these phones will be added to the Ulefone smartphone line that will focus on the battery and offer consumers the choice of power they want by choosing a capacity of 6,050 or 13,000 mAh.

According to the information, although both are expected to arrive before the end of this year, both as part of the Power series, they will arrive separately. Although it is still unclear what will come first. But I’d love to see the Ulefone Power Max dimensions to fit the 13000 mAh battery in both height and thickness.


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