Ultrasonic Nebulizer Review: Cool Mist Inhaler Kit For Just $23.99 at Geekbuying (Coupon Inside)


This Ultrasonic Nebulizer is compact and lightweight, easy to carry with you everywhere. It emits finely atomized particles range from 1 to 5µm, more friendly to your respiratory system. It is ideal for who need nebulization on the go. It is also a great vapor therapy for colds, flu, bronchitis, and other respiratory ailments.


This Ultrasonic Nebulizer is Lightweight and Portable, one–button operation system, continuous working at various angles, product Size: height 10cm, diameter 4.5cm, weight only 100g can use anywhere and anytime. Suitable for old people, adults and kids, drug atomization and normal saline atomization. This product is not a beauty product; If you use normal water, you need to confirm the type of water, especially bottled water is easy to confuse, It has the difference between mineral water and pure water, and their conductivity is also different. This product is only used for Tap water and mineral water, medication, and normal saline inhaler.

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The microchip adopts latest American microtechnology, so the atomizing particles are small (<5micron). The atomization is efficient so that they can absorb drugs effectively and quickly. According to the different conditions, you can choose three methods (Direct inhalation, or with mouthpiece or mask) of inhalation. Ideal not only for adults but also children at anywhere any time. The inhalation cup reaches up to 6ml, and the inhalation solutions can be completely atomized with the device. After use, there are small residues of medication, less than 0.1ml. The product uses 2 AA batteries, easy to install and use, gently open the battery cover, but be careful when opening the battery cover, the battery cover opening angle is only 90 degrees, can not force excessive, because it is plastic, otherwise it is easy to break. Green light on means power is normal, the red light indicates that the battery is low, and the battery needs to be replaced. When you don’t want to use the battery, you can plug in the 5V USB cable and use it directly. It is recommended to use a 5V USB power supply in the house, and use a battery or mobile power when going out.


An ideal Ultrasonic Nebulizer for those who need nebulization on the go. It is also a great vapor therapy for colds, flu, bronchitis, and other respiratory ailments. Suitable for Both adult and pediatric patients suffer from asthma, COPD, Common cold, Cough, Flu, Laryngitis, and Sinusitis, or other respiratory. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $23.99 by using this Coupon Code: KRFVXUWB


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