Umidigi A1 Pro Charges Faster Than iPhone X


The Umidigi A1 Pro has now gone out to the market with a value of around $109 and is giving you that talk. The new device of the Chinese company is far from perfect, or comparable to the iPhone X, however, deserves space for certain situations.

The terminal is elegant, with an acceptable design and with specifications relevant to the price. Still, have to refer to the large screen and a 3150mAh battery. This battery should arrive perfectly for one day of use. Given that the screen has HD + resolution, we do not think it will sacrifice a lot of battery power.

The Asian brand decided in its latest advertising campaign to put its Umidigi A1 Pro next to the iPhone X for a loading battle. As we know Apple has launched a terminal that costs at least $1425 and even so did not provide a fast charger with the terminal.

That’s why we see in the video the iPhone X to take a beating of the Umidigi A1 Pro at the loading level. The Umidigi terminal charged 100% at 1:40 a.m. Meanwhile, the iPhone X has charged 74%. Of note that the iPhone X has a 2716mAh battery. That is, smaller and takes more time to load.

If you want, watch the video of this comparison:

The Umidigi A1 Pro can already be bought in pre-order for $99.99 with 1000pcs limited offer, you have a great chance to grab the smartphone with $40 off before 29th April. After the presale period, the price will be returned to $139.99. As I mentioned in a previous article, I do not think you can do better than that for the price. The terminal comes with the MediaTek MT6739 processor, 3GB of RAM and 16GB of expandable internal memory.

The smartphone also offers two rear cameras, the fingerprint sensor and, if there, Face Unlock. When the camera and Face Unlock do not expect miracles after all the smartphone costs less than $120. Do not expect the smartphone to be the pearl of your eyes, but I believe that for the price is a cohesive investment and quality.


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