UMIDIGI Q1: Company releases the world’s fastest wireless charging pad on May 17


UMIDIGI who announced UMIDIGI Z2 / Z2 Pro equipped Notch Display and Helio P60 on May 9 will announce the UMIDIGI Q1 wireless charger newly on May 17. UMIDIGI has announced the world’s fastest wireless charger, that provides a maximum charging power of 15 watts. it’ll be known as UMIDIGI Q1. This wireless charger will be compatible with any phone that supports Qi charging, basically, thus you’ll be able to charge a wide range of phones, in short as almost every phone that supports wireless charging comes with qi technology.

By this charging pad, you’ll be able to charge up the Samsung Galaxy S9, Xiaomi Mi mix 2S, LG G7 ThinQ and others. according to company UMIDIGI Q1, wireless charger will be able to recharge the UMIDIGI Z2 pro, that features a 3,650mAh. This indicator is really high for wireless charging, and with a power of 18 watts, the device is fully charged for 70minutes. Its charging efficiency is up to 80thand that it’ll be amongst the fastest wireless chargers out there.

In addition to about all these news, the company also released an official teaser video for the UMIDIGI Q1 and below you’ll find this video for your convenience. in the video, UMIDIGI confirms that the charger will ship with “overheating, over-voltage, over-current, and power-off protection”.

The wireless charger UMIDIGI Q1 will be released on May 17, all of its features will be published on the day of release, so we’ll just have to wait and see.


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