UMIDIGI Ubeats vs Xiaomi Neckband Earphone: Xiaomi Earphone Killer?


UMIDIGI Introduces New Sports Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone UMIDIGI Ubeats, Bringing Excellent Ergonomic Neckband Design and Immersive Music Experience It is also one of the longest battery life neckband earphones that offer 12 hours of music playback. UMIDIGI Ubeats will be available for $19.99 on the 17 June in UMIDIGI Summer Sale on AliExpress.

A neckband earphone named Neckband Earphone has been released by Xiaomi. Both adopt the same design. This time, we introduce the comparison of UMIDIGI Ubeats and Xiaomi Neckband Earphone.

The biggest difference is that the UMIDIGI Ubeats is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0, while the Xiaomi Neckband Earphone is equipped with the older version of Bluetooth 4.1. Compared to Bluetooth 4.1, UMIDIGI Ubeats with Bluetooth 5.0 has a 4x connection range, 2x speed, and 8x broadcast message capacity. Also, it’s Bluetooth 5.0 helps improve connection stability and significantly reduce power consumption.

Thus, even with similar battery capacities, UMIDIGI Ubeats will have a battery life of more than two hours than the Xiaomi Neckband Earphone.

The other main difference is weight. While the Xiaomi Neckband Earphone is a TPU, the color of the UMIDIGI Ubeats is made of silicon. Also, the 33g-weighted UMIDIGI Ubeats are much lighter than the 40 grams Xiaomi Neckband Earphone. With UMIDIGI Ubeats, you can enjoy music all day long.

If you prefer faster speed, a wider range of Bluetooth connections, longer battery life, lighter body earphones, then UMIDIGI Ubeats should definitely be an option.

UMIDIGI Ubeats is already available on the AliExpress UMIDIGI official store, and AliExpress’s summer sale price is reduced to $19.99 from 17 to 23 June. If you add it to the cart at AliExpress‘s UMIDIGI official store, you can purchase it at a discount price after the sale starts.

In addition, UMIDIGI is recruiting a total of 30 trial users, each with 10 trial users of UMIDIGI Ubeats, Uwatch2 and UMIDIGI Selfie Stick to improve the user experience. You can participate in the giveaway.


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