UMIDIGI Uwake Is the First Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker With a Smart Alarm


Shortly after officially introducing UMIDIGI X, its first smartphone with digital readings on the screen and Upods headphones, the Chinese officially announced another device to compose its product line for the consumer market, UMIDIGI Uwake.

With its sleek look, the color alarm clock features a Bluetooth 5.0 connection for users, allowing them to be used to play music, podcasts, audiobooks or videos without the need for an additional application to control them, as well as offering a driver 52mm, which according to the brand provides good audio quality.

Another interesting detail in Uwake is the possibility of use as a lamp, being offered in all 7 types of lights to provide a colorful atmosphere, as well as 2 lighting modes, and can be activated by the control buttons.

This set of lamps, by the way, also ends up gaining additional prominence due to the possibility of use in partnership with the alarm clock, simulating sunlight so that the wake is smoother and more pleasant, as well as falling asleep, offering sounds that stimulate sleep. like the sounds of rain, waves, birds and other sounds considered relaxing.

Expected to begin sales on September 11, UMIDIGI Uwake has a suggested retail price of $49.98 but will be promotionally available for $19.99, This price is only for the first 500 units sold until September 18th. In addition, the brand will hold on its website the draw of 10 units, which can be accessed through this link.


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