UMIDIGI Uwatch2 Review: GET Free Gift Strap Smart Watch Multi-touch Full Steel Body


UMIDIGI Uwatch2  starting late sorted out smartwatch from affiliation UMIDIGI. It’s chic, heavenly with an amazing 1.3-inch circuitous extra broad screen. One of the key purposes behind the UMIDIGI Uwatch is the full-metal unibody structure and 2.5D bowed security glass. In like manner, the DIY foundation work which is remarkable now for sharp gadgets.

UMIDIGI Uwatch2 Price: $36.99

Design and Display

Uwatch furnished with a 1.33-inch indirect high-objectives screen, it is one of the greatest watch screens in the market. The incredible 1.33-inch indirect arrangement causes us to recall the customary mechanical watches, yet at this point your watch it is progressively shrewd.

The Material is Almost Everything A not too bad masterpiece should be worked with strong materials. The material is everything! UMIDIGI Uwatch has included a full-metal unibody notwithstanding a 2.5D twisted treated glass green, the novel material, and reliable structure make the Uwatch progressively strong, fantastic and praiseworthy than at some other time.


Serious and Accurate, DIY Your Own Wallpaper UMIDIGI Uwatch energized by the Nordic 52832 chipset, it joins prevalent and high adequacy together for a smartwatch. With this course of action, Swatch works even more effectively and decisively. Not exactly equivalent to the most existing smartwatch in the market, with the all-new organized Uwatch now you can custom the setting as you need. Essentially move your most cherished photo from your phone with the help of a committed application” Da Fit”, and it is definitely not hard to set up.

Likewise, squeezing 180mAh battery is adequately gigantic to give you battery fortification to a long time, so you don’t have to pressure unreasonably. As not long after following 3 hours of charge, you can hold the device for 7 to 10 days in typical use.


UMIDIGI Uwatch is skilled to fill in like a well ordered right hand and complete the going with undertakings, similar to a development counter, calorie counter, rest screen, show up/rejects calls, etc. UMIDIGI Uwatch2  can without a lot of a stretch buy this from Banggood with $36.99

UMIDIGI Uwatch2 Price: $36.99



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