Unbelievable Cheapest Smartphone Enter The Chinese Market Form Blackview is Called A10


Not only expensive models of smartphones deserve attention and respect from the side of the buyer. Now, in our time, Chinese companies have started to produce such phones that without a price tag and you will not determine to which price category the device belongs.The Chinese company Blackview does not forget about the segment of the cheapest smartphones, constantly expanding the offered range by more and more interesting models. And the efforts of the firm are not in vain because the hero of today’s review can be easily confused with some representatives of the middle and even high-value categories.It can not be said that Blackview has already introduced a smartphone under the name Blackview A10. Rather, she promised him. However, the list of characteristics of the device is such that you can not wait for a more detailed one, and so everything is clear.

Their efforts are not in vain because the Blackview A10 can be confused with representatives of a high price category. The case of the smartphone is polycarbonate, but this does not spoil the impression of the novelty because it is thin enough and has a fingerprint sensor. The quality of the pictures is quite high due to the five-inch IPS-matrix, which can not boast of all modern smartphones. All images are bright and contrasting, the resolution is 1280×720 pixels, which indicates good detail.

For its low cost, the device has quite a good technical component, namely: the MediaTek MT6580 processor, 2GB of RAM and the Mali 400MP2 video adapter. Some of the newest gadget games may not draw, but the interface of Android Nougat and not very “demanding” applications will launch without any problems.There is a slot for microSD cards, which allows you to increase internal memory on your smartphone for music, photos, videos, applications, etc. However, you will have to settle for only one SIM card.

To significant shortcomings of the novelty, mono includes 5 and 2-megapixel cameras, which is not very convenient for fans to take high-quality pictures. But the battery in the 2800 mAh well complements the list of qualities of the gadget. In general, the device fully and fully justifies the money spent on it.

Looks simple, but not bad. Netlist – 8.8 mm. Apparently, it will be very democratic in price.not yet confirm the price but is it’s very now the aspected price is out of around $70, stay tuned for more update about Blackview A10 and More.


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