Unboxing and deep review of the Linsoul Tin Hifi T2 Pro earphones


I wanted to found a good pair of earphones, as much professional they could be, but not expensive as I was in a low budget. After some research, came across the Linsoul Tin Hifi T2 Pro earphones, which I found them on Amazon. This was good since I could get them at a good price and without any customs to pay, so I ordered them.

The package with the Linsoul Tin Hifi T2 Pro earphones that came to me was a small box, a small white box. On the top it was written Tin Hifi on the one side and at the top right side was written T2 Pro, with no other information or any image. So at the sides, where no information was found and so on the bottom of the box. The box was made out of shinny paper.

Opening the white box, inside was a blue box, with a leather like feeling, very luxurious, with hard cover that was closing firmly. On the top side was engraved the name of the firm as and their logo. Opening the box, you first see the earphones which are apart from the cable and a manual, written in English and Chinese. I have to admit that perhaps the outer box was very simple and the inner also, but this leather like feeling that has when you touch it, makes you feel that you have bought a really expensive pair of earphones!

Lifting the foam part with the earphones, under it was the rest of the cable and in two plastic firmly sealed bags, 9 pairs of earphones tips, in order to choose what is best for you as for dimension but and for what kind of music you want to listen. If you see, you will notice that they are with different hole dimension, something very important according to the type of music you want to hear. The Tin T2 Pro are in-ear earphones, so the dimension of the tips is very important in order to keep the earphone in the ear. Also, if the material is more denser, the more isolation they will provide and the higher the level of bass. If they are very thick, the less pliable they will be, which may be good or bad. One of the biggest problems that most users come across, is if it is too soft, so they can collapse in the ear, something which is affected also by shape, and if they are too hard, they can become uncomfortable.

The cable of the earphones gets connected to them, as it comes apart. Here there is no red/blue dot on the cable, but you will see engraved on the earphones the R and L sign. On the other hand, a red/blue color is found on the earphones to understand which cable is connected to which earphone. The cable is 1.2 meters long, made of high quality 5N OFC silver plated. The cable is thin, but knitted. It separates in left and right sound channels in order to optimize the sound, enabling a full-range resolution.

The earphones are made out of metal, that wont cause any allergies, so you can use them for many hours.

Time now to check and if they work as good as they look. So check my video to see…

Overall I have to say that it might not looked at the beginning as something very good, with the simple package, but after that the unboxing experience became very luxurious and the quality of sound that I had from the earphones was very good. Specially for earphones that cost less than 60$ (59.80$ to exact), the quality is of much higher level! The only problem I came across was that the cable was very sensitive to my touch when it was in use. You can find the Linsoul Tin Hifi T2 Pro earphones at their Amazon Store.

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