Unboxing and Deep review of the Linsoul TinHiFi T3 Earphones


If you remember, it’s not long ago that we reviewed the Linsoul T2 Pro earphones that I bought last time from their store at Amazon. I guess the company liked my review and send me to check their latest model that just came out, the TinHiFi T3 earphones, so I would really like to thank Linsoul for this opportunity!

Linsoul TinHiFi T3 earphones came to me with the post, without any problem as usual. The first thing that I noticed, was the difference in the size of the package, comparing it with the TinHiFi T2 Pro that I had before from from the company. The box this time was much bigger from before as you can see in the image. The package is again a luxurious white box, with a window see-through this time, with the only remarks on it the model, T3 and the company, TinHiFi as you can see.

What also differs and I really liked, was the see-through window that the box had, so you could see the earphones. The unboxing was of course once more luxurious, leaving the feeling of a velvet covering the box. And in this version we see engraved the logo of the company at the low right side of the top of the box

Opening the hard cover of the blue box, under it we see the earphones only, inside a foam placement, which is easily removed to see what is under it. So by lifting it, we see the cable, which is as usually apart from the earphones, three small plastic bags sealed with various tips for the earphones and a manual in Chinese and English.

The TinHiFi T3 earphones have a 10mm dynamic driver with Knowles BA. The frequency response is between 10 and 40,000 Hz. The sensitivity is 95 dB +/- 3dB and the impedance is 16 ohms. The cable that comes with, is a knitted, really thick if you compare it with the T2 Pro, 1.25m 5N 8-core OFC plated silver. The interface and this time is MMCX, but without any of the problems I run to the T2 Pro.

We see the blue/red distinction at the earphones, as and the engraved L/R sign on the cable to know which cable goes where. The plug for the 3.5mm slot is really heavy and thick. The tips that connect with the earphones are very well made, connecting firmly with them. T3 feature single Knowles Balanced Armature and Single PU+PEK Dynamic driver configuration. By this way the user will have sibilant-free high frequency, great bass performance while still providing accurate sounding midrange.

Inside the box you can find 7 different kind of tips that you can use them according to what music you want to hear. You must know that the dimension of the hole, is important for the kind of music you hear, specially if you want more tremble, bass or highs. They also vary from full foams to solid core silicon, according to what your ear can stand.

The connectors with the earphones are reinforced with gold plating. This gives the ability to explore and discover much more adept sound signature by combining different cable options to ensure synergy with your audiophile equipment is uncompromising.

For sure words cannot describe well how good this earphones are and only the specs I can write to you here. The truth is that with the T2 Pro, there where a few times that I had problem with the sound. This time, every time the sound was more that superb. You could realize the lows and the highs, the cable was staying on my ear without any problem and I didn’t meet the disconnections from the T2 Pro. So if I had a A for T2 Pro, the the A+ is little fir the T3 version. Check and my video review…

The Linsoul TinHiFi T3 earphones you have to get them them if you are searching for professional earphones at the price of an amateur, this means at a low price. So go over to their store and get them for only 69.99$! You can also try at Amazon and Aliexpress.

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