Unboxing and review of the NTONPOWER S2 Smart Wifi Socket (with real images and video)


Smart devices have become part of our life. They are here to make living more easy. Most of the companies have Smart Devices for almost everything. One of these companies is Ntonpower, who has a really big variety of smart devices to choose and use. I needed for my home a Power Socket, so I bought the Ntonpower S2 Wifi Power Socket for me.

The Ntonpower S2 Wifi Power Socket came to me really fast from the Aliexpress store of the Ntonpower, in a well protected package. Opening the package came across the package of the S2 power socket, a white box with green color at the sides. At the front side we can see how the S2 socket looks like. On the one side we can find a QR code, that we will need to scan with our mobile, in order to download the app that remotely controls the S2 power socket.

Opening the box, inside we can find the Ntonpower S2 power socket and a manual in english.

The model that came to me is the S2-EU, since I live in Greece (Europe). The model comes with a EU Standard plug, made out of ABS+PC. The whole construction is anti-fire and high temperature resistant. The dimensions of the S2 socket are 108 x 53 x 80mm and comes in white color. You can control it manually with a button that has on the front panel on it or through the app. It is compatible with Android 4.1/ iOS 8.0 or above. It will connect with your mobile through 2.4GHz WiFi connection (doesn’t support 5GHz). The rated voltage is 100-240V 50/60HZ, the rated current is 16A and the rated power is 3840W (240V 16A).

On the side we see there is a USB slot that supports 5V 2A fast charge, butt is not controlled by the app.

The App, after scanning the QR code, we see we can download it from this link. After downloading and installing it, is time to connect our S2 power socket with our home network and mobile.

We press long the front button of the socket, till the blue light under it start blinking. Then we start the app and we press the “+” to add a new device. As you can see in the following images, the app supports really many smart devices! In our case we choose the first option, the Electrical Outlet.

After combining the app with the socket, we can have full control over it. We can open it or close it from a distance, set scenes to execute certain commands at certain days and at a certain hour. It’s really very easy to use and you can see it and at the detailed video include in the end of the article.

The S2 power Socket supports Google Home and Alexa Echo, so you can use it and under these two. With the scenes you can set things to be done automatically at a certain hour during the day. This could be to turn on the lights for security reason or turn on a warming device to set the home warm when you return from a cold day at work or a fan to cool down the place during a hot day. All sort of things that can be set easily with this smart plug!

Watch a detailed unboxing and review of the video

The Ntonpower S2 power socket is a very useful smart device that can make your life easier. Smart devices are necessary nowadays, so such a device is a big need in a home or office. You can get yours from their Aliexpress store or from this page directly at a very low cost!


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