UNBREAKcable iPhone Case & Screen Protector at Lowest Price from AMAZON


Get the ultimate protection for your handle devices now! UNBREAKcable creates super-durable mobile phone accessories with long-lasting value and supreme quality. Today reviewing 3 amazing products from Unbreakable, a tech company that sells high-quality products for very affordable prices. If you haven’t already shown some support and check out page, trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

iPhone XR Phone Case

When this case arrived I was so pleased that it was made out of hard plastic, I knew instantly it was going to be good quality and long-lasting – let’s be honest, those flimsy rubbery phone cases just don’t do the job. If you’re like me and have a tendency of dropping your phone, then this case is perfect for you. I have easily dropped my phone at least 5 times since receiving this case and not only is my phone still in perfect condition but there isn’t a scratch to be seen in my case. Another aspect I love about this top-quality phone case is the crystal clear finish it leaves on your phone. I’m not one who loves all these wild cases with cats and dogs on, so for me, this case is perfect. It really gives your phone a ‘natural finish’.

Screen Protector

This product comes presented so neatly in one of the standard Unbreakcable boxes. This is something I really take into consideration when purchasing a product as I always believe if something is packaged nicely you know it is going to be good quality. Now when I first opened the box I was really overwhelmed at how much you get for just £7.99. Yes, that’s right. For only £7.99 you receive x3 glass screen protectors and a full Installation Kit. Now come on, that is an absolute steal, right?

How Does it work?

Well, Unbreakcable makes this part extremely easy for you, with their amazing tool, which basically does the job for you. This little frame will help you perfectly place your protector on your screen, saving you all the hassle of going down to a shop and asking someone to do it for you.

It works in just 3 easy steps:

  • Attach the frame to the screen of your phone, making sure it is fitted in all the corners.
  • Place your screen protector in the middle of the frame.
  • Spread the bubbles out of your protector and remove the frame.

    It is really as easy as that. Now, this all does just sound amazing, doesn’t it?

As said above the UNBREAKcable Screen Protectors come with an Installation Kit which I personally think is a really handy thing to have when dealing with screen protectors.
If you’re like me and have really bad OCD, you will know the pain of applying your screen protector perfectly to then see the aspect of dust or dirt lying there under the screen. Well, this handy little kit saves you from all the stress and tears.

What Does it include?

  • Dust Absorbers
  • Dust Stickers
  • Wet Wipes


As always Unbreakcable offer their very generous warranty because they strive to make sure the products they sell are to the greatest standard for you, the customers. It is easy to register your 36-month warranty simply by visiting their Website.


  • Extended product Warranty period time is 36 months (12-month default)
  • Any defective products get replaced for FREE
  • Make it easier for us to locate your records and help in a better way

This Company does really have their customers best interests at heart. With that being said, if you haven’t already head over to Amazon and check out their amazing products. If you have any questions or you would like to contact Unbreakcable direct you can find them on Facebook @UNBREAKcable.


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