To all my tech readers out there, to all my gaming friends, phone addicts, and businessmen and women, I have a treat for you. Today we are reviewing two products that we received from a company called UNBREAKcable. They are a tech business, selling electronic devices designed to suit you. They have a huge range of products ready to distribute without delay. All of my reviews are 100% honest and fair, I would not review something that my co-founder would not use ourselves. Sit back, take a read, and have a browse on the links that will be provided below:

The first thing is first, the delivery. I spoke briefly with a woman called Mary on Thursday morning about what sort of product I was to be sent. We agreed upon two phone cases, one for a Samsung s10e, and the other iPhone XR. I was pleased that I was given a list to choose from, sometimes you are given a product and it’s rammed down your throat, but not in this instance. I simply chose the product I wanted and that was that. Surprisingly, they were delivered the next afternoon. Delivery time is something that I consider, when ordering online. I will only wait a couple of days, a week at the most.

The fact I didn’t even have to wait 48 hours was extremely pleasing. When I received the two parcels I was actually confused at what it could be, until I opened up the boxes to find the packages inside read ‘UNBREAKcable. The next thing I noticed was the packaging, two slimline black boxes, the companies name and emblem printed in gold on the front. The design of the package was nice on the eye, weightless, small, and easily stored if you’re one of those people who keeps everything. I do.

The cases themselves were wrapped in a thin plastic sleeve for protection. Ensuring that the product didn’t get dirty or damaged during the delivery process. Two smart screen cleaners came with it along with a small business card. Offering direction to a warranty should you want one. On the back of the package it reads, Solid Protection, Precise Cut-Outs, Impact Resistance, and Hassle-free warranty. I made sure I tested each of these guarantees out so that I could deliver my reviews as accurately as possible. The warranty link is legit, quick, and easy, the product, quite clearly protected and the cut-outs well. Beneath the guarantee is a list of Social Media’s, the links of which I will dot down now.

The material on the cases was something else I rather enjoyed. Often, I’ve had plastic cases that just don’t it for me. The phone feels heavier and the material just soaks up the beauty of the phone.

I prefer a rubber case, one of the main reasons I requested that type. They were spotless and held  an impressive grip, you will have a hard time dropping your phone with one of these cases on. I promise you that. Each phone case has the company name printed on the back and the designs between the iPhone case and the Samsung case were cool. One was a series of squares, a sort of illumination theme, and the other a diamond print. Understand that a lot of people like plain designs. I myself used to but it was quite refreshing to see some original designs, not just prints from the TV or the internet.

I want to thank UNBREAKcable for their business and look forward to working with them again in the future. For you, my readers, I more than recommend the products I have tested. Check out any or all of the links mentioned in the post. You never know, you might find something new that just fits your style. You can expect more reviews to follow as UNBREAKcable has a lot of stuff that I am eager to test out. I take great pride in saying that when it comes to a rating for UNBREAKcable, I give them 5 stars. There was nothing dissatisfying about the products and the delivery time and packaging was brilliant.

UNBREAKcable has also kindly offered some samples for my readers. In this Article that 5 readers who comment on their phone model can receive a free sample for the model of their phone. I would personally like to thank them for that generosity, next time we will provide you some discounts. UNBREAKcable of course don’t just sell Phone Cases. They’re a growing tech company that specializes in Phone Screen Protectors. Cables of all fashions, Bluetooth Ear Buds, Bluetooth FM Transmitters, Car Phone Charges, Car Phone Holders and many, many more.

To find UNBREAKcable products, check out on Amazon or their website which I might add is brilliantly designed. As always, thank you all for reading.


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