Update: Xiaomi MI Note 2 Will Feature Dual Curved 2K Screen in November


Although Xiaomi MIS and Xiaomi MI5S Plus have released with various high-end technology, some users still are not interested in their designs. Because there is the other one, Xiaomi MI Note 2 is worthwhile to wait in terms of its design.


According to a netizen on Weibo, Xiaomi MI Note 2 will use dual curved screen, sport 5.7inch 2K screen, and it will be released in November. We are so glad to hear this kind of news. Because earlier before, we heard Xiaomi MI5S will use dual curved screen, according to announcement, it proves wrong. But it shows dual curved screen will be used on Xiaomi MI Note 2. And its screen resolution will be up to 2K. We believe Xiaomi MI Note 2 will be also a good device to enjoy better experience with virtual reality.


Xiaomi MI Note 2 will be powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, and some high-end technology such as dual rear camera, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, quick charge, etc will also be used on Xiaomi MI Note 2. Moreover, Xiaomi Co-founder, Lin Bin has also leaked that they will announce a high-end smartphone in the next half year. Therefore, we can calculate Xiaomi MI Note 2 will become the year-end flagship soon. As for its selling price, it will sell at least at 3,000 yuan, $500. Stay tuned.


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