Update: Xiaomi MI6 Will Feature Three Layer Stack Camera at Competitive Price By Lei Jun


Right now we have entered into March officially, which means Xiaomi MI6 will be released soon. Therefore, there is more and more reliable news about Xiaomi MI6. Currently, Xiaomi MI6 has started in small amount of trial production, symbolizing to prepare for the first batch of stock. But you need to know that due to Xiaomi MI6 using Snapdragon 835 processor with limited production, the first batch of Xiaomi MI6 stock will be not too many but in 100,000 units.

Compared with Xiaomi MI6 previous news, besides featuring Snapdragon 835 processor, all ceramic body version will come, now there is the other new black technology. Namely, Xiaomi MI6 camera will be equipped with the same camera of Sony Xperia XZP , the camera specs is amazing, 19MP back camera, three layer stack CMOS sensor, 1/2.3 inch, in low light environment for photographing, it can reach the effect of elementary micro camera. Meanwhile, it can support Motion Eye system for 960fps (720p screen resolution) slow motion video shooting, 0.03 seconds mixed focus.

This kind of technology is the most advanced one from Sony, if Xiaomi MI6 really uses this amazing camera, it will be most powerful compared with other Chinese smartphones without any doubt.

Besides adopting Snapdragon 835 and three layer stack camera, Xiaomi MI6 will still sell at 1,999 yuan, $333, therefore, it will be unparalleled. Lei Jun said in Xiaomi MI5C press conference,although most components are increasing, Xiaomi will still stick to the competitive price policy. Of course, in order to keep the cost, Xiaomi MI6 will not use AMOLED screen, OLED screen, but LCD screen. Will you still have a try?


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