Uwear UW80C IP68 Heart Rate Monitor SmartWatch, Design Features Review


Uwear UW80C got another wearable smartwatch take the wear theUwear UW80C it’s a mid-extend smartwatch that is sensible. it required battling with another direct Android smartwatch. it is at the present time understood and this is being tested by this new smartwatch the wear UW80C.


Uwear UW80C is the best design smartwatch that is proposed for the people who are scanning for a direct Android smartwatch with a camera feature. The latest in the line of Finow smartwatches is the Uwear UW80C is an Android smartwatch. Its body is rubber with tachymeter markings on the bezel, there are two gets a power get and an entry gets. It has a non-removable calfskin lash with a rubber fasten.


The smartwatch outfitted Different features IP68 Heart Rate Monitor and the  Barometer with GPS includes. it also has the Thermometer Compass wellness features consolidate pedometer, heart rate screen, calorie and division counter. it supports Bluetooth 4.0. Uwear UW80C has the waterproof smartwatch which is best features, you can carry anywhere anytime in any season.


Uwear UW80C is the best sports watch which can be carried anywhere anytime with round shape display it looks more amazing and Banggood is giving the best deal of Uwear 80C Sportwatch with the price of $79.99. 


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