Vaporesso Gen Nano VS Luxe II Comparison Review


The Vaporesso Gen Nano is a minimized and super-lightweight release of the Gen, one of 2019 top of the line and best-performing vape mods. It is an 80-watt inner battery box mod with a 2000 limit and the most recent version of the AXON chipset. Also, There is a Luxe II Mod which gives you the perfect time with the best features. Let’s compare both of them.

Vaporesso Gen Nano


Vaporesso Gen Nano comes in a compact size. Also, It has less weight which is easy to carry anywhere. The creative Pulse Mode upheld by the AXON chip is a way how it draws out the force. Also, Making The GEN NANO fires each 0.02s to keep up the temperature control settings’ recent input. It will giving you a sensitive controlled vaping experience. Finds a way into Your Bag easily GEN NANO mod embraces a minimized size that permits you to put it anyplace you like. The Comforts in Your Palm Adopting the burglar covering that gives you the delicate fussing with scratch obstruction and unique mark opposition.

Vaporesso Gen Nano

Vaporesso LUXE II Kit is the inconceivable IML boards that are accessible in various examples and shadings. The general plan is truth be told fundamentally the same as past Luxe units, for example, the Luxe. What’s more, Luxe Nano, particularly the size, shape, straightforwardness, high shading immersion, and the ergonomically bent body. On the rear of every mod, one of the boards falls off to uncover the battery cove that stores the double 18650 batteries to control the whole arrangement.

Vaporesso Gen Nano

A 2.5 amp quick charging USB port makes it likewise more helpful than any other time to rapidly revive the cells while they are put away inside the Vaporesso LUXE II. Adding to the unfathomable appearance is the UI that includes a 2-inch shading TFT show screen with adjustable UI and contact board. The change fastens additionally highlight haptic input. So they will vibrate as they are gone ahead when making acclimations to the Vaporesso Luxe 2 Kit’s settings.

Vaporesso Gen Nano


There are many features in Vaporesso Gen Nano which give you perfect satisfaction. It has a Chip That’s All-Round. Also, It’s fundamental to possess power, and the key is the manner by which to ace it. Having the AXON chip inside the mod that delivers the maximum capacity of the GEN NANO. Also, Not exclusively can have you fulfilled by the Pulse Mode yet additionally offering you the Power Eco, Smart TC. The DIY that fit the assortment of vaping styles. The entire day Battery Powered by a 2000mAh implicit battery and upheld by the 2A quick charging makes the GEN NANO energize less and vape more.

Vaporesso LUXE II Kit is found in the progressive CHIP AXON and an enhancing UI. There is an OMNI board redesign and board to turn into the most current AXON chip. Luxury II breaks obstructions for new clients through a simple and amazing working framework. The chipset has different modes, giving 2.5A super quick battery charging and moment terminating speed.

There are four ground-breaking modifier modes: Pulse mode – in beat mode, AXON will give you ceaseless hits, and you can get the additional flavor and cloud fulfillment; Power ECO – After enacting Power ECO mode, it will spare your gadget, spare energy, and battery power. Also, give longer battery life; Smart TC – with shrewd TC mode, the AXON will naturally perceive on the off chance that you plug in the TC loop, giving you the ideal settings for the best taste.


Vaporesso Gen Nano and  LUXE II both are best at their own features and design. Also, Both come with pulse mode and Axon Chip. You can easily buy this from Vaporesso Officials 


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