Vaporesso TARGET 80 Vape With AXON CHIP Inside and 3000mAh Battery (Review)


Vaporesso TARGET 80 is the new 80W Pod Kit expansion to the VAPORESSO TARGET Series. Also, The three-sided TARGET 80 MOD body is more super sturdy. It fits the outside. Also, we will talk about its design, features, and many more.

Vaporesso TARGET 80


Vaporesso TARGET 80MOD body is all the more really strong and fit to the outside. Also, Its extreme appearance outside and the welcome tech Axon Chip inside are combined perfectly to give an astonishing DTL vaping experience outside.

Vaporesso TARGET 80

Vape is exceptionally huge for a case framework that stood apart from the express the Caliburn, yet that isn’t the goal here. It’s little when showed up distinctively comparable to comparable AIO contraptions. The Vaporesso TARGET 80 feels unfathomable in the hand with its shape, similar to a littler non-versatile treated Aegis Boost. It may not be affirmed “outrageous”, now mine has continued on a few unplanned drops without a scratch. The PM80 is a stunt worked gadget (no auto-draw), and five ticks of the catch turn it on and off.

Vaporesso TARGET 80


Vaporesso TARGET 80 accompanies the latest GTX POD TANK, the TARGET 80 is feasible with all GTX twists and passes on an awesome vaping experience paying little regard to tendency. Likewise, It has truly passed on its A-game with this contraption. It’s not unprecedented, yet it is to some degree especially gathered, and a solid adaptable DL plan.

Vaporesso TARGET 80


Vaporesso TARGET 80 is one of the most up-to-date and best innovation vape. Likewise, It has a wide range of components with a colossal battery of 3000mah. Anyway, what are you hanging tight for? You can easily buy this from Vaporesso 


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