VAPTEX BOXMO Vape Pod Review – 2022 Best Selling Vape Pod


Vaptex has numerous models of vaping pod of the the BOXMO vape pod is one of them. The design is something all vaping enthusiast and experts will obviously appreciate. However, VAPTEX BOXMO is the world’s first disposable vape pod that features the PEMT and AACT technology to deliver a unique and premium vaping experience.

BOXMO features an automatic airway cleaning technology (AACT). It has a unique structure in the airway to prevent the Spitback and this makes a big difference in facilitating enjoyable vaping experience. Futhermore, this product is paired with the Photo Etching Mesh Technology (PEMT) that helps to make the mesh more precise and to deliver better heating.

As perfectly choice of vape device to purchase, it is likened to be more than a disposable vape pod. This product from Vaptex serves a greater step for vaping innovation in the industry and the company seem excited to bring the BOXMO to existence with the aim of delivering the best usage experience to the vaping community at large.

The full features, specs, design, and price of the Vaptex BOXMO will be made know to the general public once this product is being introduced to the market. For sure, the price of the up coming VAPTEX BOXMO will be pocket-friendly.

Where To Buy:

More inquiries on how to purchase the VAPTEX BOXMO can be done via the company’s office website.


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