Velocifire M87 Mac Mechanical Keyboard Review: Comes with Brown Switch and LED White Backlit 100% Compatible with Mac


Velocifire M87 Mac Mechanical Keyboard, 87-key Mac console format, LED white illuminated, Brown switches, for Mac clients, typists, developers, gamer, fashioners, and all console buffs. You may believe that your PC console or layer console works fine, that is on the grounds that you never attempt a mechanical console. When you utilize a mechanical console, it’s so difficult to return. Likewise, Velocifire M87 Mac mechanical console has so enticing cost. It’s an ideal opportunity to bid a fond farewell to your layer console.

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Lets unbox and check what we have inside the box. Here you will find VelociFIRE M87 mechanical keyboard inside the box as well as there is user guideline to how to use this keyboard and features, there is also key opener which allows you to open your key and check the brown keys and to clean your keys.

A Compact Design

Velocifire M87 Mac design mechanical console matches consequently with your Mac, so you can fitting and work. Wonderful plan 100% match with the Mac format and firmware. It comes with the brown switches. The  Dark colored SWITCH-Experience advanced key travel separate and material criticism with each keystroke. Velocifire M87 mechanical console gives an agreeable and exact composing background.

This keyboard is furnishes high solidness when composing with power and speed, just as a more prominent weight that does not by any stretch of the imagination influence the client encounter since these sorts of consoles are intended for a settled use in our PC. At that point we have the material of the keys

The keys are the Slightly bent keys and straightforward ergonomics console configuration, dispatching composing weariness and carpal passage torment. it will gives you smooth typing experience.  The layout of  M87 Mac format mechanical console includes a conservative design (TKL). Utilizing the TKL console, you’ll be flabbergasted how much space you spare, and it’ll be a lot simpler to go after your mouse.


The engaging reduced plan is created from best grade aluminum in space dim. All in Velocifire M87 mechanical console is about your Mac. There is also other best option for The gaming console includes all key non-strife structure. When playing recreations, we might need to consolidate keys to perform distinctive undertakings, this is the ideal console. With this console, you can press numerous keys in the meantime without having any key clashes issue. One great component that makes this console appropriate for gaming is the cool multi-mode backdrop illumination impact. It accompanies assortment of cool LED backdrop illumination mode, which you can tweak to any shade of your decision.

  • Compatible

Velocifire M87 Mac Mechanical Keyboard is Compatible with iMac, MacBook, Mac smaller than usual, Mac Pro,Not perfect with Windows.

  • Design

Robust development accompanies very much footed height, lightweight, and amazing touch-composing.

  • Back light Options

Velocifire M87 Mac Mechanical Keyboard has the White backdrop illumination enlightenment guarantees key perceivability paying little mind to surrounding light.


M87 Mac mechanical console structures with 100% Mac firmware similarity. There is No need of Mac setups any longer, attachment and play! The best Hostile to ghosting key rollover guarantees the directions and synchronous keystrokes to enroll immediately. It will give you the super quality expereince with the genuine brown switches Direct one-by-one review of the considerable number of items. The switches keep going for more than 50 million keystrokes. The Powerful and strong best grade ABS material with immaculate water and dustproof impact.

Brown Switches

The Brown switch is appropriate for composing and working, including with its delicate and material knock, which means you won’t have to press a key from the best to the base. A key press can be enlisted amidst the key; so you can type quicker and less demanding.

A material knock is an input to types when a keystroke is produced. The input can be sent in a few different ways: capable of being heard, material and visual. For most conditions, a material criticism is the least demanding to see. A delicate touch is the most attractive for clients and ergonomic experts. Just as the tranquil sound, Brown switch is the best mechanical console switch for composing, office and every day work.


Brand Name Velocifire
Series Mac Mechanical Keyboard
Item Model Number M87
Item Weight 1.42 pounds/646 g
OS support macOS
Connector Type USB 2.0
Cable 150 cm
Keycaps ABS Painting and Laser
Color Space Gray
Service Life >50 million keystrokes
Switch Brown Switch
Backlit LED White
System Requirements iMac/MacBook/Mac mini/Mac Pro


Here is A review about our Velocifire MAC 87 Keyboard

Final verdict and Conclusion

Velocifire M87 Mac Mechanical Keyboard is best option for Mac user they dont need to setup anything all they need to plug and play easily. there is also other option where Velocifire M87 Mac Mechanical Keyboard can be utilize for the gaming or for the PC. it will give you peaceful and smooth performance. there are many mechanical keyboards but this one is compact and best with features. if you are looking to buy one just click the link below:


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