Vernee Apollo Lite has build quality comparison to Meizu Pro 6


Vernee have just released a bunch of pics, these images place their very own and latest phone, The Vernee Apollo Lite (dark grey version) side by side with the Meizu Pro 6. These images compared the the build quality, design, and overall beauty of each device, when placed side by side for a direct comparison.InsertPic_27BFThe Vernee Apollo Lite is not a push over when it comes to design or build quality, as these images show.The Vernee Apollo Lite comes with a zinc/titanium alloy body and has 3D polishing and anodizing, that is said to offer better fingerprint and smudge resistance.InsertPic_D816 The front edges are chamfered by 30° thanks to the meticulous CNC machining process that appears to blend in perfectly with the Front panel  that is made of 2.5D curved protective Gorilla Glass 3. InsertPic_FDBFTake a look at the images, there is a bit of the WOW factor for both the Vernee Apollo Lite and the Meizu Pro 6  You can make up your own minds,but one thing is certain, they are both very elegant phones.InsertPic_854A


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