Vernee Mars Will Feature Arc Antenna Band Design like Meizu Pro 6


As for a phone, a design is one of the key to affect consumers’ purchasing. We have known metal, glass, wood, plastic design are the mainstream for a smartphone, especially metal design which is used for most flagship smartphone until now. Meanwhile, you can also find two antenna lines at the phone’s back, which has also become the tendency for a metal phone. However, Vernee Mars as the next flagship phone for Vernee is said to come with an arc antenna band design.


Currently, the other famous phone, Meizu Pro 6 has also featured a unique arc antenna band design, and so does iphone 7 rumored about this kind design, so Vernee Mars will be worthwhile to see its design to compete with Meizu Pro 6 and iPhone 7. In addition, Vernee Mars will be powered by Helio P20 processor, RAM 6GB internal storage.


What’s more, Vernee Mars will be the third phone to come with antenna bands, and they will be curved around the edges, We believe after Vernee Mars takes this kind of design, more and more Chinese smartphones will adopt it. As for Vernee Mars price, we still can’t get exact news from Vernee. Just stay tuned.


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