Vernee Thor get its 4th OTA firmware upgrade


Vernee Thor is a device only three months old, but the company is showing some serious care about it, announcing that the fourth firmware OTA upgrade is out now.

Thor_1-1If we calculate it on average, we are getting a new Vernee Thor firmware roughly every 22 days, which is a very good pace and the company is surely getting points for that. In order a company to win the customer loyalty and support, must show that it cares and supports the device that created and from all these we think Vernee are trying to do it right.

Let’s see what the fourth OTA upgrade includes. It is mentioned that improves the USB transfer speed, while making it also way more stable. The display touch response can get tweaked too as and some other sensors can get their sensitivity adjusted (not exactly clarified which ones though).

Anyway looks like a good, so I suggest you will better update your Vernee Thor with it.


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