Vernee Thor Smartphone Octa Core 3GB Flash Sale at $49.99 Today


We share the breaking news that Vernee Thor has started to sell at $49.99, can you believe it? As you know Vernee Thor is a Octa core RAM 3GB smartphone to support 4G lte network. It’s the first time that Vernee Thor Octa core smartphone running the latest Android6.0 OS to sell such lowest price compared with other brands. Namely, it has broken the record for octa core smartphone. So how to get it at $49.99?


From a Chinese store, it claims that you need to catch Vernee Thor at $99.99, then you will win 50usd back, so the final price for you is $49.99.  Due to flash sale, you need to catch it on time and countdown to 9:00 a.m. UTC on May 31, and June 2 for 50pics limited. Have you prepared the shopping guide to catch one?

Vernee Thor as the cheapest 5inch Octa core 3GB ram smartphone is the one you deserve it. So what are you waiting for?


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