Vernee to launch Vernee Mars in November with 6GB RAM, Helio P20


After the good start that Vernee made with the Vernee Thor and Apollo Lite, the new manufacturer from China is planning on making another hit. New information has emerged that a brand new device is coming the following months that is going to join the small group of 6GB RAM devices. Its name is rumored to be Vernee Mars and it is coming in November.


Even the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has only 4GB RAM but Vernee is taking the next step to multitasking, it seems. Especially with the after sales support the company is giving for its current devices, it is more than sure that the software will be pretty optimized, taking advantage of the huge amount of memory.


The only other information we have available is that of the SoC powering the smartphone and it is going to be the Helio P20, the octa-core chip that combines performance and power efficiency perfectly. November is closer that you think, so get ready for another interesting device!

Meanwhile, we wait for Vernee Apollo which was announced a while back but is yet to hit the markets.


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