Vidlok Business Webcam W91 – Business Webcam with Built-in Speaker


Business needs have changed in recent years, and with the pandemic, most business processes are shifting from office meetings to home meetings. While applications like Microsoft Teams help corporate employees connect and share ideas, the basic webcam that comes with the laptop doesn’t serve that purpose. Corporate meetings are serious and need serious equipment to conduct them. For these business needs, you can use the Vidlok Business Webcam W91, which comes with a built-in microphone and support for ultra-wide angled video.

When it comes to business or another official video calling, the normal webcam doesn’t offer the best features and experience. During a video call, the microphone, video quality, and background noise make a big difference whether you can close the deal or not. This is where the Vidlok Business Webcam W91 can help you with its setup and easy-to-use features, specially designed for official meetings.

Since the pandemic, I work from home and it’s safe for me. Most of my work can be done on PC. However, there were times when I had to attend office meetings to make important decisions for the company. In these meetings, I need to use the microphone and camera built into the laptop, which is not the best. As a result, most meetings had a lot of sounds and video issues as the laptop’s camera and microphone setup were not so good.

Vidlok Business Webcam W91 Features

Vidlok’s mission is to change and revolutionize the concepts of technology and smart devices related to video recording and production. They sell products like ring lights, microphones, flux pads, webcam, and green screens. Their entire market is dedicated to video recording and production and they offer amazing product offerings.

As a traditional video camera for PC and laptop, it has a great camera that can record your videos in crisp 1080p quality. However, there are more features that make this product unique and worth buying. You can buy the latest Vidlock Bussiness Webcam W91 here.

Built-in Speaker Also has a Dual Microphone

What’s more, the Vidlok device uses intelligent noise reduction technology that provides crystal clear sound for video calls to business partners. The high sound quality is guaranteed by the presence of two microphones, along with the built-in speaker. In addition, the W91 makes entertainment more exciting. When listening to your favorite music, for example, you’ll enjoy higher quality audio than you get from a regular laptop speaker, and you’ll also save on the need for external speakers or headphones when watching video on your desktop monitor.

Undoubtedly, the presence of a built-in standalone speaker is a key advantage of the W91, which business users will appreciate. But this camera has a number of other advantages that make it a flexible and convenient solution for full-fledged video conferencing.

360 Rotation Hinge

Most computer cameras have a fixed orientation and it can be difficult to move to the desired location/orientation. But the Vidlok Business Webcam W91 Camera’s unique 360-degree flexible design gives you complete freedom to rotate and adjust the camera to your requirements.

Intelligent Noise Reduction

Noise reduction is the most important aspect of online meetings or sessions. How unwanted noise from your board can disrupt the entire meeting or make the environment distracting for others. Fortunately, the Vidlok Business Webcam W91 camera comes with a built-in speaker and microphone system, which can greatly reduce background noise.

Online conference meetings need a camera that can facilitate clear video recording with wide-angle support. So you can easily show yourself and your office to your colleges and colleagues.

How to use Vidlok Business Webcam W91

Using the webcam is as easy as attaching it to the laptop cover and connecting it with a USB cable. The entire process is self-explanatory, but in case of confusion, here’s a step-by-step guide.

  1. Clip the camera to the cover of your laptop or monitor.
  2.  Connect the camera’s USB cable to your computer/laptop.
  3. The software driver for the webcam will automatically install.
  4. Select Vidlock camera from options whenever you use apps like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.

Do you want to keep track of this product for when it is on sale? Then go to the official website of the company, there you will find all the information about this and other models. You can also follow the manufacturer’s news through your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.


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