VIVO NEX Dual Screen Edition: Design, Hardware, Features, Review


In the last month of 2018, various manufacturers explored the full screen and did not stop. The vivo NEX series is a series for the sake of exploration. On the Vivo NEX, we saw the first “true full screen” mobile phone with the lift camera. The newly released vivo NEX dual-screen version has further explored on the basis of the previous generation. From the name, we can see that this is a dual-screen mobile phone. Then let’s take a look at what new experience vivo brings to us.

Design & Appearance

Vivo NEX dual-screen version, as the name implies, has two screens. On the road of pursuing a higher screen ratio, the front camera becomes the biggest stumbling block, then vivo is a clever use of the rear camera to take self-portrait photos. The two-screen version of the vivo NEX with two screens is still quite powerful in design and color.

The front 6.39-inch display is also the main screen of the mobile phone. It is COF-packaged and has a frameless design. Without the obstruction of the front camera, the front is almost all screens, and the screen ratio is quite high. The resolution of 1080×2340 also makes this main screen display more delicate, supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut, and color reproduction is quite accurate.

With such a screen, we can have a more immersive audiovisual experience. The front of the Vivo NEX dual-screen version is almost what everyone expects. The front is full of screens when playing games, and there is better visual enjoyment when watching movies. The screen of 19:9 will have a bigger vision when playing games like “pubg” and “Asphalt”. When watching movies, it will have more visual impact.

The back of the Vivo NEX dual-screen version is a 5.49-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 1920×1080. The display is also very powerful. Not only that but the back of the phone in addition to the screen there are starring lights, three cameras, and other components. The top of the screen is connected to the starring light. When the starring light is on, the screen will also light up the ring and illuminate the RGB lights above.

Such a starring light will have corresponding lights in the context of music playback, charging, portrait taking, and the like. At the same time, the design of the starring also blocks the many openings in the back, which makes the back value more harmonious.

Since there is a dual screen, there is no need for dual-screen interaction for a long time. In the double-screen version of vivo NEX, dual-screen switching is much simpler. There is a power button on each side of the fuselage, which is the same as our usual use of mobile phones. No matter which screen is facing up, click the power button on the right to charge the current screen, and some dual-screen phones with only one power button More convenient than operation.

The mutual switching of the two screens is also very convenient. One method is to simultaneously press and hold the two power keys of the mobile phone, and the content displayed on the screen is sent to another screen for display. Another method is to slide the three fingers to the left (or right) at the same time, and the content displayed on the screen can also be sent to another screen. However, due to the different display ratios of the two screens, some software displays a change in screen size when it is displayed to the rear side screen.

The screen on the back also brings more interesting ways of playing, such as pictures, custom patterns, texts, and expressions on the screen, so that the phone can display its own personality. In addition, through the double-sided screen and small interactive function, the “Drawing Heart” function can be triggered by drawing a heart shape on the screen, and then the desired pattern text can be drawn on the screen and can be displayed on the back screen. The other “V mood” function is activated by drawing a “V” on the screen in the state of the screen. The back screen can display a custom mood animation. For example, Christmas is coming, and the back will show Christmas related. Animation.

When playing the game, the secondary screen on the back is not idle. For example, in the game of “eat chicken”, the secondary screen can be used as a “physical plug-in”. Two specific areas can be mapped as open or shot buttons. Use, easy to achieve four-finger operation. When playing the game on the front, if you flip the phone, the social media such as WeChat will be opened on the back screen of the phone, and the message can be quickly replied.

In addition, in the photo, the vivo NEX dual-screen version also has a new interactive program, which will be introduced to you in the following photo.

The dual screen also brings two unlocking schemes. The front screen adopts the screen fingerprinting scheme. The fifth-generation screen fingerprinting technology has made new upgrades in hardware and software. Under the blessing of DSP acceleration technology, the drilling angle is The unlocking is also easy. The unlocking of the back screen is realized by the face recognition of the TOF camera. Compared with other face unlocking schemes, the TOF can collect more facial information, unlock faster, identify more accurately, and be safer.

Vivo NEX dual-screen version of these two screens, one for high value, higher screen ratio, better display, bring more exciting video playback and gaming experience. The screen on the back is a combination of technology and art, through a new way of interaction, a variety of new ways to create new ideas. One side of technology, one side is wonderful, and the double-sided screen is played to the extreme.


The dual-screen design means that the self-timer needs to use the rear camera and the rear secondary screen so that the quality of the camera will be greatly improved compared to the front camera of other products. The Vivo NEX dual-screen version uses a three-camera configuration. The main camera is the Sony IMX363, which has dual-core 12MP pixels (24MP photosensitive cells), and the other two are TOF cameras and night-time cameras. And there are two soft fill lights on the starring for a more natural portrait photo.

Since the main camera is used for shooting, the self-timer effect is obviously superior to other products. With Europe’s new beauty algorithm, restore the most natural beauty, make new improvements in skin color, microdermabrasion, clarity and so on. The TOF camera can be used for 3D modeling of the face, and it is easy to adjust the facial appearance (shaved face, face-lift, thin nose, long nose, big eyes, eye distance, mouth shape, chin) to get the perfect selfie you want.

Not only self-timer to force, in the dual-screen hardware blessing, but vivo NEX dual-screen version also has more new features for taking pictures. The dual-screen help function can illuminate two screens at the same time when taking pictures. The person being photographed can also see the pictures in real time and adjust the posture and angle at any time. And with the Pose guide function, you can choose the popular pose as a template, and pose according to the picture displayed on the secondary screen, making it easier to take good-looking photos.

Vivo NEX dual-screen version has a great improvement in night scene shooting, the main camera has a large aperture of F1.8, and supports four-axis OIS optical anti-shake and EIS electronic anti-shake, can have more light into the light, for a long time When the exposure is made, the picture will not be blurred due to the handshake.

The new Super Night View feature allows the vivo NEX dual-screen version to capture more beautiful night photos, multi-frame compositing with 12-16 photos, giving photos a higher tolerance and dynamic range, but the highlights in the picture are not exposed. The dark part retains more details. At the same time, there is better noise cancellation performance, night shots are less early, and the picture is purer.

The super night view function of the Vivo NEX dual-screen version can be completed in four to five seconds, without the need for a long-term hand-held, and the shooting is less difficult. And the picture taken is not the “night vision” feeling, it restores the original appearance of the night scene in a more natural state, and provides more details, the night scene photos are transparent, the photo quality is very good.

Hardware & Performance

As a technology-sounding mobile phone, the Vivo NEX dual-screen version also has the strongest hardware configuration in the industry. The Snapdragon 845 mobile platform is adopted, which is one of the strongest mobile phone chips at present. In particular, the built-in Adreno 630 GPU has better performance in graphics rendering and computing.

At the same time, the Vivo NEX dual-screen version also has 10GB of memory and 128GB of storage space, which should be the first batch of 10GB memory mobile phone products on the market. Large memory and large storage space can fully meet the needs of various user groups, especially in the game, large memory can make the phone more smooth, and the user experience is better.

The vivo Dual-Turbo dual-acceleration engine also enables the vivo NEX dual-screen version to have more powerful performance. The system acceleration engine is optimized for the resource scheduling of the mobile phone, which greatly improves the efficiency of the system operation and solves the problem that the mobile phone runs smoothly and runs slowly. The problem. The vivo game acceleration engine is optimized for the game in an all-around way, and cooperates with the game manufacturers to carry out targeted optimization and upgrade.

In terms of games, the new game assistants escort the game. When entering the game, there will be a floating window for the game mode setting, common shielding notification messages, mobile phone performance optimization, background cleaning and so on. There is also an e-sports mode that optimizes the CPU strategy for touch screens and elevated temperatures.

In the actual game experience, the vivo NEX dual-screen version is also quite good. In the test of “PUBG”, the mobile phone is almost continuously running at 60 frames in full frame. In the group battle, when a lot of skills are released at the same time, the vivo NEX dual-screen version can also be easily handled.

In another entry game, “Jesus Survival, Stimulating Battlefield”, the performance is still remarkable, and the whole process can be stably operated at around 40 frames. The most complicated scene in the stimulating battlefield is the case of driving, and it is necessary to render a lot of scene images. In this case, the mobile phone can still output a very stable frame rate curve.

The Vivo NEX dual-screen version also optimizes the dual screen for the game. First, two mapping areas can be set on the back screen, which can correspond to the shooting and opening operations in the FPS game. The average player can also easily implement the four-finger operation. At the same time, it also supports dual-screen multi-tasking function. When playing games on the front, flipping the screen is the WeChat chat interface, playing games and girlfriends.

Jovi is Smarter

On the voice assistant Jovi of vivo, the double-screen version of vivo NEX has made great progress. The Jovi Collection supports the smart tag feature, which allows you to long-press a favorite article page with two fingers. The smart reminder function can intelligently identify the location and recommend relevant strategies for eating, drinking and playing.

And Jovi is now smarter and more versatile. In the voice assistant interface, we can choose to teach Jovi to do things. First, enter the voice command, and then start the teaching of the operation steps. After all the settings, you can let Jovi do the corresponding thing through the voice command.

In the smart desktop, I also added some fast application and fast game functions. I can open it at any time without downloading. When I wait for the bus, I can open the game at any time to pass the time, which is very convenient.


Vivo NEX dual-screen version built-in 3500mAh battery, in terms of battery life is also considered in the performance of the middle, in the 3-hour battery test, vivo NEX dual-screen version also has good results. At the same time, we also tested the power consumption of the two screens. In the case of watching 1080P video, the life of the two screens is basically the same.

In terms of charging, the vivo NEX dual-screen version supports 22.5W of fast charging power, which can charge 63% of electricity in 30 minutes, 94% in 1 hour, and only 1 hour and 25 minutes in full charge. If the phone is out of power, you can have enough power to handle the daily use before you go out.

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What is NEX? Vivo has applied the best technology and the most advanced technology in the NEX series products, which not only has a more scientific sense of design but also provides users with a better experience. Not only does it bring a higher screen ratio through dual screens on the hardware, but the combination of hardware and software brings more interesting new features through dual screens. As the flagship of the year, the Vivo NEX Dual-Screen Version has almost achieved everything that can be achieved, and there is no shortboard in almost any aspect. This is the most shocking performance of NEX.

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