Vivo S1 Pro Review: World Coolest 32MP Pop-Up Selfie Camera Phone of 2019


Although from the perspective of human nature, girls’ interest in technology products is not as strong as that of boys, this does not mean that the female mobile phone market is not a new direction worthy of mining.

As a rare woman in the technology evaluation circle, I think that choosing a mobile phone does not need to be too entangled with this complicated parameter. In the case of ensuring sufficient basic configuration, the design, the photographing effect and the feeling of getting started may be the most important part of the girl. If the design is not good, the photo is a bit rotten, sorry! I have been excluded from this phone!

Vivo S1 Pro Configuration List:

  • CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 AIE eight-core processor
  • RAM 6/8GB
  • ROM 128/256GB
  • screen 6.39-inch 2340×1080 resolution Super AMOLED zero-boundary full screen
  • camera Front: After 32 Megapixels (F/2.0 aperture): 48 Megapixels main camera (F/1.78 large aperture)
  • + 8 Megapixels super wide angle + 5 Megapixels sub camera
  • size 155.85*75.15*7.2mm 159g
  • system Funtouch OS 9 (based on Android 9.0)
  • battery 3700mAh
  • color Love blue/coral red
  • When I got the vivo S1 Pro, I knew that this phone is worthy of savoring, so I have a review of this vivo S1 Pro.

Design & Appearance

From the appearance of the vivo S1 Pro, the design style is the same as the previous release of the vivo X27. The familiar “peacock feather” texture and colorful body make the control of the Ta have no resistance.

If you say that the colorful body is not a very rare design, then as a mobile phone for the young market, it can carry a minimalist full-screen and lift the camera, which really brings us more The value of the impact force is really beautiful.

Looking at mobile phones of similar price, most of them still use the design of the water drop screen. When you get the vivo S1 Pro, you will feel that this unobstructed screen is really much better. The 6.39-inch screen is not too big. For most girls, this is not stress. Recently, so many good-looking American TV dramas are really beautiful with Ta.

The lift camera that shines on the concept machine APEX has been added to the vivo S1 Pro phone. The cross-section of the lifting structure is rounded and inverted, like the classic Kelly of Hermès. When the camera is self-timer, the front camera can rise quickly in 0.68 seconds. Hey, a beautiful selfie is like this.

Young people love colorful and smart designs. No, the default color matching of vivo S1 Pro will exclude black and white classic colors. The two fashions of “Love Blue” and “Coral Red” will definitely make you become this game. The most embarrassing “child”. The unique abstract texture adds a lot of texture to the vivo S1 Pro.

The unique multi-focus camera module on the X27 series is also retained on the vivo S1 Pro. The three cameras are vertically arranged in the U-shaped area, and the flash is located in a relatively central position, which makes the visual effect more balanced. To be honest, it still looks very pleasing.

In other respects, the vivo S1 Pro is also equipped with the fifth generation of photoelectric screen fingerprints. The 3.5mm headphone jack, which is popular among users, has also been reserved. There is a Micro-USB interface on the bottom, which is very simple.

Hardware & Performance

Don’t think that the value of the face is outstanding, self-timer is the full power of the vivo S1 Pro. The performance of Ta, both internal and external, will not disappoint you.

Vivo S1 Pro equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 675AIE eight-core processor, providing 6GB + 256GB storage combination, for most users is already quite “sufficient”, relatively low-power processor, with enough hardware performance, vivo S1 Pro is adequate for the performance needs of your entertainment and work in everyday use.

In addition, the vivo S1 Pro is equipped with a multi-Turbo acceleration engine that is fully optimized and upgraded to ensure the smooth experience of multi-program operation and large-scale games. The background function such as AI album finishing will not be affected, you will not know it. In the middle, organize good memories.

Directly see the measured performance of the game, in the latest “Peace Elite” test, the game for the vivo S1 Pro default set high frame rate high image quality, on this basis, we open anti-aliasing for testing. Unexpectedly, however, the performance of the vivo S1 Pro is still outstanding when the picture quality is fully opened. The whole picture is stable at 30fps full frame level, and it is easy to get stuck in driving, street fighting, etc. The picture is still silky and smooth, and there is no pressure at all.

The frame rate data shows that the average number of frames of the vivo S1 Pro running “Peace Elite” is 30fps, and the jitter rate is 0.97fps, which is almost impossible to feel the level of Caton. Power consumption performance is also very bright, high-quality, high-brightness running games, the average power consumption is only 2% every 10 minutes, charging enough to play for hours, no fear of power anxiety. Vivo S1 Pro is not only your “self-timer artifact”, but also your long-life entertainment equipment, watching movies and playing games, absolutely satisfactory performance.


As an independent woman in the new era, life is not limited to rice, oil, salt, and vinegar, and my life should be in my own hands. Even if you stay up all night, the best way to record your life is to take pictures. Women are all animals that love beauty. Everything must be beautiful and different. Even a small front camera will not be let go. Unlike most of the current front-facing cameras on the market, the vivo S1 Pro lifting structure has a rounded inverted trapezoidal shape, like Hermès’ classic Kelly bag, a front camera full of design aesthetics and classic elements. Make my beauty different.

Making the beauty different is, of course, dependent on camera hardware and algorithms. Vivo S1 Pro is equipped with the industry’s flagship 32-megapixel front-facing camera, F/2.0 large aperture, the camera effect is more excellent, the color is real, the texture is better, let me carefully choose the lipstick, eye shadow, blush, etc. Let my best years be recorded. The first thing to get up every day, in addition to expecting to meet the real name of my life as soon as possible, of course, is to take a beautiful selfie, telling myself that today is also a full day.

I can take a selfie after getting up. How is it possible that the makeup has not been made? Don’t worry, vivo S1 Pro’s AI beauty algorithm instantly restores you to the best in the photo, creating a full-featured photosensory selfie. Use AI to intelligently identify 103 basic feature points of the face, capture pixel-level facial details, and customize the beauty and beauty of each self-timer for different genders, face types, skin colors, facial features, and various light scenes such as backlighting. Repairing, bringing a more natural, more translucent skin effect.

In addition to AI beauty, vivo S1 Pro also has a front fill light, through the screen instant highlights, warm yellow light, to achieve even and soft light to complement. The full day of the spirit is from a beautiful self-portrait. After collecting countless praises from the circle of friends, the more important vitality comes from the small potted plants kept at home, watching it grow and grow day by day. A sense of accomplishment is full.

Nice but the photo, fun but for mobile. Vivo S1 Pro, the mobile phone self-timer has once again played a new height. Vivo S1 Pro’s photo album is no longer a simple memo recollection and simple coloring, but the album’s function has risen to a new height, and the playability has greatly increased. In addition to the AI ​​beauty algorithm, it also provides AI wisdom one-click composition recommendation in addition to finding beauty, body, and beauty.

The most amazing AI map feature. In addition to using this function to perform the same portrait and background adjustment as the PC version of the PC, you can also switch the background with one button, let me be the second of Paris, the next second is romantic Turkey. Vivo S1 Pro is equipped with Funtouch OS 9 based on Android 9.0 customization. The UI interface continues to maintain a fresh and lively style, while still maintaining a smooth and smooth use of pleasure.

S1 Pro supports the Jovi voice assistant directly through the physical key (of course, the voice wakeup is also wide), through voice control, you can use various shortcuts on the phone without touching, which is most suitable for my little girl who is too lazy to do it. It is. Of course, this smart button also supports customization, which can be set as the entry point for Jovi collection, game space and other functions, which is convenient for me.

Jovi Voice Assistant also supports voice wake-up, just call the wake-up word “Hi, Jovi” or “small V small V” to activate Jovi’s listening function to implement voice commands. On this basis, Jovi also joined the multi-round dialogue function and once awakened, it can realize the convenient operation close to the natural dialogue, just like my intimate little cotton jacket.

Not only for the built-in applications, but Jovi Voice Assistant also has a lot of support for third-party applications, such as microblogging, map navigation, etc., can directly open third-party applications and perform related operations through a single command. Now you can set a simple command to complete a number of operations, say “good night”, Jovi can automatically open the eye protection mode, silent mode and then automatically screen, very intimate.

The negative one-screen Jovi Wisdom scene supports more functions, such as weather, express information, red envelope assistant, sweep, bus code, etc., and even step management, calorie consumption, horoscope, which is really suitable. I am a lazy cancer late fairy. Not to mention, the date of dating the male god is coming, let Jovi help me arrange it.

Jovi Scan can support more objects and symbols besides QR code, such as support users to scan the business card, add contacts, scan the QR code query status, scan code payment, unlock a bicycle, etc. The same entrance is made. From the actual experience, Jovi’s ability to recognize text is quite good. Even if the viewing angle is slightly tilted, the correct rate is no less than the professional text OCR application, and the speed is faster and ready to sweep.

In addition to smart assistants becoming smarter, S1 Pro system also has a built-in inter-transfer function. I don’t know the principle of God horse. I just want to say that this function is too good, the data line is saved, and I went out to play with my girlfriend. It is not too simple to transfer each other after the photo is taken.

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Verdict & Buy

The colorful world, the dynamic image, the life of young people is always full of exciting things. In addition to the self-portrait, the high-value Vivo S1 Pro has a satisfactory performance in daily use. What makes me most attractive if I say it? Then the zero-border panoramic screen and the 32MP self-timer lens are definitely the biggest highlights.

Just as the world is made up of different colors, the applicability standards of mobile phones should also be varied. A good-looking appearance, awesome photo effects will always be able to find their own position in the market, so this mobile phone, do you fall in love?

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