Vivo S1 Pro VS Huawei Nova 4: Which is Better Choice


In recent years, the competition in the mobile phone market has become increasingly fierce. Although it is a huge challenge for mobile phone manufacturers, it is a very good thing for consumers. Because in this environment, we are more likely to see some innovative products, especially the more comprehensive full-screen design has appeared in our lives in a short time. This year’s very popular is the design of lifting full screen and digging screen. Today we are comparing Vivo S1 Pro VS Huawei Nova 4,  Which one is better when changing mobile phones?

Design & Appearance

I also got the two phones, the vivo S1 Pro and the Huawei Nova 4. They just used two different designs, the zero-screen full screen, and the digging screen. Looking at the whole picture, the screens of the two phones are very good. Although Huawei Nova4 has a front camera opening in the upper left corner of the screen, it does not affect too much overall look and feels in the blink of an eye. It may have a certain impact only in games and videos.

Huawei Nova 4 is more quickly placed on the screen because the camera is directly embedded in the screen. The vivo S1 Pro needs to wait for the camera to rise before it can be recognized, but fortunately its camera rise time is only 0.68 seconds, so in fact, there is no difference in speed, and S1 Pro still. Moreover, the front camera of the S1 Pro has reached 32 Megapixels, while the Nova 4 has only 25MP. The difference in hardware is still obvious, which directly leads to the S1 Pro is more suitable for self-timer.

In any case, these two solutions have completely solved the problem of the big forehead of the mobile phone, and the screen packaging process is good. Both hands have less obvious chin design, and they have controlled the chin to the smallest extent as much as possible. Inside.


From the top of the screen, the two phones perform very well under most scenes, and only in a small part of the scene will show a big difference. Then let’s take a look at the back of the phone, the gap between the two phones is very obvious. Because Huawei Nova 4 is an LCD screen, only the rear fingerprint can be used. In contrast, Vivo S1 Pro has a photoelectric screen fingerprint recognition technology and DSP acceleration algorithm blessing, bringing the experience even cooler.

Because the front camera pixel is lower, and then the rear fingerprint, I decided to give up Huawei Nova 4, and then use S1 Pro, after all, this phone looks more extreme in all aspects.

The use of this time, Vivo S1 Pro is really very satisfying, the back of the phone is designed with a feathery texture, it looks very fashionable, I also want to bring such a personalized mobile phone when going out. Moreover, this phone also has a large body, so it fits well with the palm of your hand and is comfortable to hold on your hand.


Of course, more important is its other functions. The main color of the rear three cameras uses a 48-megapixel lens, so you can take a clearer picture when taking pictures.

And there is also a super wide-angle lens in the three lenses, so you usually can take a very large and wide scene with just a mobile phone. The photos taken in the 48MP modes are rich in details, and the magnification is still clear.

And I personally think that the Funtouch OS9 equipped with the Vivo S1 Pro is also very easy to use. The built-in Jovi Smart Scene function is like a personal assistant. I only need to see the information I care about on the negative screen of the mobile phone, such as weather conditions, sports data, and horoscope. I don’t need to download the APP query separately. Jovi’s voice assistant is getting smarter and even using it to buy movie tickets.

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Therefore, the highlight of the Vivo S1 Pro is not only in the design of the full screen but also in terms of camera performance and system experience, it also has an absolute advantage. I think that using such a mobile phone as a main phone will be more worry-free, whether it is entertainment or work, it can be easily competent.

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