Vivo will Release Tablet PC in the first Half of Next Year


Hu Baishan, executive vice president of Vivo, revealed in an interview with media today that Vivo’s tablet will launch in the first half of next year, focusing on collaboration with mobile phones.

Hu also revealed Vivo’s strategy: 1+3+N. The core of this strategy is 1 (mobile phone), which is the product most needed by users. Mobile phone cannot be used, and surrounding products have no value.

‘There is a certain degree of correlation between TV and mobile phones, but the correlation is very weak and vivo will not touch it for a long time,’ Hu said. And tablet is vivo’s next step to launch the product, because the mobile phone screen has natural defects, mobile phone and tablet can form coordination in account information, screen projection and other aspects.

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igeekphone understands that Hu also confirmed in the interview the existence of “Vivo V1”, an image chip developed by Vivo that will be used in X70 series phones to be released in September.


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