Vivo X Flip Review: The Perfect Blend of Design and Performance


Among the many folding flagship phones, vertically folding mobile phones are mainly aimed at female user groups due to their advantages of lightness, compactness, and multiple functions. The primary purpose is to facilitate girls to use the rear camera to take selfies, and because of this, many innovative ways of playing with the rear secondary screen have been derived. The one with the most innovations is the just-released Vivo X Flip, the first vertically foldable flagship of vivo, with a 3.0-inch external screen, 30+ application adaptations, and many exciting ways to play the external screen. It is said that Vivo X Flip has expanded the function of the external screen to a whole new level.

1. The 3.0-inch external screen generates many ways to play

vivo X Flip has a large 3.0-inch external screen deeply adapted to more than 30 APPs. It has powerful interactive capabilities. We can use the external screen to take selfies of Douyin and Xiaohong Books, and even a movie viewing experience, using the gyroscope to realize the intuitive interface of horizontal and vertical screen flips.

In addition, the notification message on the mobile phone can be replied directly on the external screen, which genuinely reflects the advantages of the large screen.

In addition, to enhance the entertainment of this external screen, vivo has developed cute pet desktop wallpapers, which can unlock various cute moments with a single tap and accompany you at all times in life and at work.

The most practical function for girls is the self-timer, so the vivo X Flip is adapted to various engaging camera experiences, such as spin-stop self-timer, DV mode, and handheld high-definition shooting with the rear camera. The gyroscope realizes the ability to shoot both horizontal and vertical screens.

2. Lightweight hinges are best for small folding

vivo X Flip adopts an ultra-durable and lightweight hinge, using five-weight aerospace and materials; the strength of the hinge is greatly improved, and combined with the first internal double-cam structure, the hinge of the mobile phone can be hovered, unfolded, and folded in the fuselage. The anti-drop ability far exceeds the industry level, and the durability of the hinge has passed the 500,000 times TUV Rheinland folding worry-free certification.

3. Xiaolong 8+ flagship core small folding also has a good experience

The flagship processor, Snapdragon 8+, will not be absent. With up to 16GB LPDDR5 memory and 512GB UFS3.1 flash memory, vivo X Flip has an excellent performance advantage, ensuring daily system fluency, allowing The small folding phone a premium experience.

Design & Appearance

The front of the vivo X Flip uses a 6.74-inch internal screen, and the novel solution of folding up and down is also Vivo’s first vertically folding mobile phone.

The inner screen adopts Samsung’s latest E6 substrate, LTPO display technology, supports 120Hz adaptive refresh rate and 120Hz touch sampling rate, SCHOTT UTG ultra-thin glass, making the inner screen of the mobile phone full of toughness, and also supports 1920Hz High-frequency PWM dimming, protect your eyes when using your phone in a dark environment.

The top of the vivo X Flip uses a centered 32-megapixel front-facing camera with a 1/2.8-inch sensor, a 0.8-micron single-pixel size, and a large aperture of f/2.45.

The bottom of the phone adopts the COP packaging process, and the bottom frame is slightly wider than the two sides, but it is also very well controlled in the folding screen mobile phone.

The upper left corner of the back of the fuselage has two primary and ultra-wide-angle cameras. The Zeiss logo is printed on the left, and the laser focusing sensor is on the right. T* coating is attached to the surface of the lens module, which has excellent anti-glare performance.

On the right side of the camera module are two single-color temperature LED fill lights and a color temperature sensor.

The 3.0-inch OLED external screen under the camera module has a refresh rate of 60Hz, and the surface is covered with Corning’s seventh-generation Gorilla Glass, extensively improving its resistance to falling and scratches. The screen together realizes the adaptive adjustment of color temperature.

The color we got is diamond purple, which is also the most classic color of the vivo X Flip. It is the first to incorporate CHANEL’s most representative rhombus pattern elements of a mobile phone. Thise-dimensional leather technology brings full texture and feels comfortable to the touch. Very soft, dirt-resistant, and aging-resistant, not easy to be stained with fingerprints.

The folding hinge of vivo X Flip, the supporting door panel adopts Peek-high-strength carbon fiber composite material for the first time, and the opening and closing virtual swing arm is the industry’s first 2000MPa aviation-grade high-strength steel; there is also high-strength carbon fiber, FS53 aviation-grade high-strength steel, 301 hand tear Steel sheets, five layers of aerospace-grade materials make the hardness of the folding hinge to a higher level.

RegardinRegardingife, it has passed 500,000 TÜV Rheinland folding worry-free certifications. Even if folded 100 a day, it will still be in a 99% new form after half a year of use.

Moreover, the shape of this water drop hinge also allows the mobile phone to have the ability to hover at multiple angles, and it also brings richer gameplay, which will be tested and explained in detail in the next experience.

The right side of the fuselage is equipped with a power fingerprint two-in-one button, and the volume control button of the mobile phone is also located on the right side. When the mobile f an old state, the size of the whole machine is only 86.40mm × 75.25mm, and the weight is only 198 grams. It is like a palm toy, and girls can get easily holin the handle without effort.

The inside of the package cometh a mobile phone protective case, fast charging kit, SIM card needle, and instruction manual. The quick charge, ng adapter of the vivo X Flip supports a maximum output of 44W.

Folding Experience

The 3.0-inch super-large external screen can be regarded as the most comprehensive external screen in the industry. In addition to the single message viewing and quick reply capabilities, it is also profoundly adapted to more than 30 third profoundly apps, and there is also a fancy way of playing the magic mirror application, watching Weibo, scanning Douyin, watching movies at station B, watching ten to Himalaya FM in real-time.

The most importareal-timeis that vivo has developed cute pet desktop wallpapers, which can unlock the adorable moments of all kinadorablef cute pets with a single tap and accompany you all the time in life and work.

1. Quick reply on the external screen

When there is a WeChat message, the secondary screen will light up in the off-screen state, and we can double-click the icon when we reply; the system will pop up a large keyboard for us to input text.

2. Play with cute pets

The external screen of vivo X Flip has six sets of cute pet themes six built in, which are displayed as dynamic expressions. You can even poke it with your fingers and interact with you. Whether it is work or life, you can always be with yourself looking at yourself.

With multiple sets of built-in themes, we can change them in time by long pressing the screen.

In the external screen style of the internal screen, you can directly select the exterior wallpaper you like and customize single wallpaper sorting for more playability.

3. HD Selfie

Taking advantage of multi-angle hovering, vivo X Flip can use the rear 50-megapixel outsole primary camera for hovering primaries without a mobile phone stand, and we can adjust our posture at will to take selfies.

4. HD selfie

Of course, using the internal screen to shoot, you can find more suitable angles by using the multi-angle hovering hinge and taking pictures with rich texture.

5. Little Red Book

Thanks to the in-depth cooperation between vivo and Xiaohongshu, this 3.0-inch external screen has been deeply adapted by the APP. When holding the phone, usually, you can watch Xiaohongsusuallyhly, and the screen proportion is screen proportion. The phone is turned upright, the APP will rotate accordingly, automatically covering the vertical screen, and the horizontal and vertical flow is very natural.

6. Douyin

Vivo is also specially adapted to Douyin, the proportion of the screen is natural and coordinated, and the use of the external screen is also more power-saving, and the mobile phone becomes a “fishing artifact” in seconds.

Hardware & Performance

Of course, in the external screen application, we can add the magic mirror application and transplant the application we want to the external screen display.

We also tested Weibo, and the operation using the external screen is very smooth, and the screen is well adapted without any particular sense of abruptnparticular Performance: Snapdragon 8+ performance iron triangle AnTuTu is close to 1.09 million

vivo X Flip has a built-in Snapdragon 8+ mobile platform, 3.0GHz Cortex-X3 large core, three 2.5GHz Cortex-A710 medium cores, and four 1.8GHz Cortex-A510 small core,s, four benefits from the advanced 4nm MEP process. Compared with the previous generation.on Snapdragon 8, the CPU performance of the mobile phone has increased by 10%.

The integrated Adreno730 900MHz GPU also has a nearly 10% improvement.

Next, we conduct a set of theoretical benchmark tests.

1. AnTuTu

The first is the regular AnTuTu comprehensive test. The total score reached nearly 1.09 million, an increase of almost 11.1% compared almostragon 8, of which the CPU score was about 250,000, a year-about increase of 14.4%, and the GPU score was 468,800, a year-on-year increase of 9.8%.

2. Geekbench

In the CPU.idirectional test, the GeekBench5 single-core score reached 1250, and the multi-core score went 3712, respectively 8.4% and 7.0% higher than the Snapdragon 8.

The latest GeekBench6 ran a single-core score of 1695 and a multi-core score of 4128.

3. GFXBench

In the GPU testing session, we used GFXBench’s 1080P six regular projects for testing, among which the frame rate of Aztec Ruins OpenGL was 123FPS, the frameRuins of Aztec Ruins Vulkan was 131FPS, the frameRuins of the racing chase was 100FPS, the d the frame rate of Manhattan was 3.1 It reaches 170FPS, which is nearly 5% higher than Snapdragon 8.

In the early stage of the test, the temperature of the mobile phone was not high, and the frame rate ran out was not much different. We mainly look at the last two Manhattan off-screen tests and Tyrannosaurus rex off-screen tests. Vivo X Flip can run 243FPS and 411FPS, respectively, about 6% higher than the Snapdragon 8.

4. Androbench

Regarding flash memory testing, through the AndroBench measurement, the sequential read speed of vivo X Flip is 1832.66MB/s, and the sequential write speed is 1744.32MB/s, which belongs to the standard UFS3.1 flash memory.

5. Memory test

Memory test, 12GB four-channel LPDDR5 6400Mbps memory, the copy speed reached nearly 1.8GB/s, and the write speed reached nearly 5.0GB/s.

Gaming Experiences

In the game testing session, we selected two representative mobile games that can reflect the performance of mobile phones with medium and high loads in an office environment with a room temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, namely Honor of Kings and Call of Duty.

During the test, we adjusted the screen’s brightness to 50% and the screen’s brightness to ensure the accuracy of the test. We used the highest image quality + highest frame rate for testing in the game and recorded the frame rate and temperature in the game and power consumption performance.

1. Glory of Kings

The mobile game Glory of Kings runs at a maximum frame rate of 60 frames under high-definition image quality + ultra-high resolution. After a round of fierce battles, the average frame rate is stable at 60.4FPS after a game of nearly 10 minutes. The frame rate in the game is challenging, like a straight-in severe average fluctuation is only 0.6FPS.

The average power consumption is only 2.026W, and the frame energy consumption is 33.6mW. Howev er, limited by the body’s small size and the folding hinge’s complex structures complex structure in the gap with the candy, particularly in heat dissipation. The maximum temperature of the front of the body reached 39.8 degrees Celsius in 10 minutes of a 60-frame mobile game. The temperature e on the back of the fuselage is 38.3 degrees Celsius, and you will feel a little heat when you hold it with both hands.

2. Call of Duty  

Call of Duty mobile game, when the smooth image quality + 90 frame mode is turned on, the frame rate will be dropped outside the game, so we only test the frame rate performance in the game battle. After a round of nearly 5 minutes of testing, the average frame rate is stable at The frame rate in the game is stable at 89.1FPS, with almost no fluctuations.

In terms of frame rate, the average frame rate has reached about 2.699W, and the frame power consumption is 30.3mW.

The higher the power consumption, the higher the temperature will naturally be. This is the temperature of the front image recorded by us temperature after three game tests. The highest three-game on the front of the fuselage is 41.4 degrees Celsius, and the back is 40.2 degrees Celsius. It will be more noticeable when holding both hands. Warm but not hot to the touch.


vivo X Flip rear dual camera module, the primary camera uses a 50-megapixel primary spectrum outsole primary camera – IMX866V, 1/1.56-inchprimarytosensitive unit, 1-micron single-pixel size, f/1.75 large aperture; it also supports a full-pix; itmnidirectional focusing and hardware-level HDR.

The ultra-wide-angle lens uses a 12-megapixel Sony IMX663 sensor that supports shooting with a 108° field of view. Vivo X Flip has a rear laseVivocus sensor, which can quickly focus on scenes such as taking pictures and videos, bringing a better shooting experience.

Main camera

When the primary camera is in the daytiprimarycene, the pictures captured give people a bright feeling, and the color saturation is relatively high. When facing close-up flowers and plants, with the support of the V2 chip, the blur effect of the picture is natural; although there is no telephoto lens, the image cropped by the camera with high primary fixation is optimized by the V2 chip, which can also eliminate more noise.

In night scene mode, vivo X Flip suppresses the highlights to a certain extent. The excellent optimization of the V2 chip brings excellent night shooting capabilities, less noise, clean proofs, and rich picture details.

Ultra Wide Angle

With a 108° field of view, the ultra-wide-angle camera can capture a more comprehensive picture, suitable for mun co-shoots or majestic scenes. The anti-distortion ability of the photograph is also relatively good, enough for daily shooting.


Vivo X Flip has a built-in 4.5V high-density battery with a capacity of 4400mAh, which is the highest in the industry among vertical folding screens, and the built-in hardware and charging IC can monitor the current of the input battery in real time and limit the current. As expected, prevent battery life from being shortened or safety incidents caused by excessive current.

Next, we tested the charging and battery life of the vivo X Flip.

Charging test

Before the test, we consumed the phone’s power to 1% and unfolded the screen to charge in the off-screen state. After 10 minutes, the emphasis is set from 1% to 19%, 20 minutes to 35%, half an hour to 51%, and one hour to 93%. At this time, it enters the trickle charging mode. After 10 minutes of power charging To 96%, it took a full 75 minutes for the final full charge. Although the overall charging time is relatively long, it is also for safety reasons that the charging power is reduced to the best safety standard.

Endurance test

For the battery life, we use a professional battery life test tool – the battery dog ​​produced by Kuai Technology.

In terms of test items, we chose the limit battery life test and checked all the test items, including CPU high voltage, CPU multi-threading, AI recognition, picture browsing, video playback, and web browsing, to simulate user usage, scenarios, and restore the whole load to the greatesactualtent. Infinitely close to the actual power consumption.

For the test, we adjusted the screen brightness of the mobile phone to 50% and turned off the automatic brightness, and used the adaptive refresh rate to test. After the battery dog ​​cycled the power, the final power consumption from 100% to 9% took 9 hours and 44 minutes; after being converted to 1%, the overall battery life is about 10 hours and 40 minutes, which stands out among vertical folding screens.


As the first vertiAslagship of vivo, Vivo X Flip incorporates Vivo’s unique, innovative X Flip vative thinkiVivo’s is the, first to adapt the in-depth operation and interface layout of as many as 30 third-party apps in the secondary screen, which is enough to see that vivo is on the secondary screen. The interaction of the screen has been worked hard.

Secondly, using this secondary screen, the function of a cute pet desktop is realized, coupled with the convenient and exciting operation, experexcitingas quick payment and thrilling games; the valuexcitingecondary screen is maximized, andsecondseen that the adaptation is complete The most advanced secondary screen.

Regardless of its small size, the experience it brings us is unambiguous. A variety of profoundly and apps allow us to experience the novelty and joy that other mobile phones cannot participate in the 3.0-inch participate, and the screen is well adjusted, the operation is sadjustedand the experience is no lonand ger inferior to the internal screen, and no additional learning is required. A set of operation logic of the external screen can be easily used.

The diverse selfie experience also enriches the usage scenarios of the secondary screen. The details captured by the rear 50-megapixel camera are much better than the front-facing lens.

The Snapdragon 8+ endows vivo X Flip with flagship-level performance, ensuring the fluency and durability of the system, and even using it to play games is not a problem; it can be called a small steel gun with high performance.

The 44W wired fast charge is equipped with a large battery with a capacity of 4400mAh, which can be fully charged in a little more than an hour, in exchange for a long-lasting battery life of nearly 11 hours firmly guaranteed for daily intermittent use.

After our experience, this long-overdue vivo vertical folding flagship mobile phone X Flip, its experience can be directly comparable to the candy bar mobile phone. You may wish to look if you are considering a small and exquisite vertical folding mobile phone with powerful performance. Vivo X Flip it!

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