Vivo X Note Review: 7-inch Cameras/Performance All-Rounder


Since the mobile phone entered the era of full screen, the size of the mobile phone has been advancing all the way, and as the screen becomes larger and larger, the size is no longer a characteristic selling point. Small screen and large screen products with specific positioning are gradually disappearing in the market, and the 6.67-inch or so has gradually become the mainstream of the market, which inevitably appears to be the same.

These days, you don’t have many options for something fresh on screen size. Especially for large screens, except for one or two super-sized cups on the market, if you want a larger screen, there are almost only inconvenient solutions such as a folding screen or a tablet. And with the arrival of the Vivo X Note, we can finally say “long time no see”. After many years, a real big-screen flagship has officially returned.

The unique 7-inch 21:10 large screen makes it surpass the super-sized flagships such as S22U and 13 Pro Max in terms of display area; and the weight of 216g, the thickness of the phone of 8.75mm, and the sharp waistline make it have Excellent lightweight feel.

As a flagship with a large screen, the configuration of vivo X Note is a leader in all aspects, and it is very satisfying in terms of screen, image, and charging. The 7-inch 2K+ 120Hz Samsung E5 AMOLED screen, of course, also has the LTPO adaptive refresh technology that is essential this year.

The accumulation of this series of terms means that the screen of vivo X Note is not only large enough, but also delicate enough for in-display effect, and is far ahead in terms of fluency, brightness, and power saving.

Super telephoto, main camera, portrait, periscope telephoto are all complete, and vivo X Note brings a set of image configurations of all focal lengths, and each lens has not shrunk. This time even all the rear shots have the blessing of Zeiss lenses. Except for the lack of a micro-gimbal, its image specifications are almost comparable to last year’s X-series image flagships. Charging, which has always been a pity for the X series before, has finally been supplemented this time.

vivo X Note supports 80W wired flash charging and 50W wireless flash charging and also has a large battery of up to 5000mAh. This time it can be said to be fully charged and fully charged. In addition, it also supports 10W wireless reverse charging, which is no problem for emergency use.

In terms of performance, it must be equipped with the new Snapdragon 8 flagship processor.

However, there is a small change in vivo X Note, that is, this time it is a unique customized version of SPU. The common CPU and GPU performance are the same as before, and stronger security performance can be obtained through customization, which is also in line with the larger screen of vivo X Note. business positioning.

Next, let’s take a comprehensive experience of vivo X Note, the new large-screen flagship, to see how it is.

Design & Appearance

The “big” of the vivo X Note is very intuitive, with a micro-curved design on both sides, which can further increase the screen ratio and improve the feel. The screen is punched in the middle, plus the design of the micro-slit earpiece, the screen frame is extremely narrow, and it is more immersive. The back design of the vivo X Note is also very distinctive. The plain leather has its own pattern, which is not low in appearance or texture.

The corners are also treated with waistlines, and the micro-curved surface on the front can further improve the grip of the phone. The arc that fits the palm of the hand is more light and thin than the right-angled edge or the simple arc edge. The rear camera not only achieves all focal lengths but also uses Zeiss lenses, which can have better picture quality and reduce the probability of purple fringing.

The rear camera module also uses a continuous glass surface, which has a stronger overall sense and more texture. The side buttons, in addition to the conventional power button and volume button, also provide a physical mute button this time, which can be said to be very useful for professionals.

The vivo X Note supports dual-speaker stereo, but the top is the earpiece, so the corresponding opening cannot be seen. In addition to the conventional Type-C interface, SIM card slot, and microphone openings, there are two new openings at the top, namely the barometer and infrared.

In addition, vivo X Note is also very rich in accessories, providing an original 80W charger and a 1.5-meter-long data cable, as well as a fabric half-pack protective case and a pair of headphones.


In terms of performance, the vivo X Note is naturally equipped with this year’s flagship standard Snapdragon 8 processor. Although the SPU has been customized, this will not affect its performance.

1. AnTuTu

The AnTuTu comprehensive performance test score is 992362 points, which is the normal level of the Snapdragon 8 flagship.

2. Master Lu

Master Lu’s comprehensive performance test scored 1,021,185 points, exceeding 99% of users, and also in line with the performance of the Snapdragon 8 flagship.

3. Geekbench

Geekbench 5 single-core score can reach 1248 points, and the multi-core score is slightly lower, only 3745 points.

4. Androbench

The continuous reading speed is 1821.3 MB/s, which is in line with the performance of UFS 3.1 flash memory.

5. GFXbench

Using GFXbench to test GPU performance, the scheduling of vivo X Note is still conservative. In short, it can’t reach the highest score of the limit, but it is better than some Snapdragon 8 flagships that don’t care about performance at all. The score belongs to the middle and upper class of Snapdragon 8 flagships. level.

Because it is an engineering machine, the current vivo X Note does not seem to be specially optimized for running points, and the scheduling is still more like the level of daily use . Considering that there is a precedent for the subsequent update of the extreme mode, if you are particularly concerned about the score, you can wait for the vivo X Note to perform a similar OTA update.

Actual game test

1. King’s Glory

“Honor of Kings” supports 120-frame mode, with an average frame rate of 118.88FPS at the highest quality. In addition, the heat control is very good. After the test is completed, the temperature of the SOC core area is only 37.2 °C.

2. Peace Elite

“Peace Elite” also supports the smooth picture quality + 90 frame mode, but it may be due to the unstable firmware of the engineering machine, only 80 FPS during the game, and the average frame rate is 80.28 FPS.

After all, the high frame rate “Peace Elite” has a high load and a long test time, so the temperature of the back cover is higher, and the SOC core area reaches 36.7 °C, but for human hands, there is still no obvious heat.

Through “Honor of Kings” and “Peace Elite”, we can feel that the temperature control of vivo X Note is still relatively good. On the regular Snapdragon 8 flagship, the temperature of the SOC area of ​​the mobile phone after these two tests will be around 39°C to 40°C. It can be seen that the heat of the large body is better and evenly distributed, and the final temperature is lower.

In general, the performance release of the vivo X Note we received is relatively conservative, and the overall performance is still acceptable. Even if the firmware is updated in the future and the frame rate limit is further unlocked, I believe its temperature performance will still be better than the traditional flagship. Well, the area is there after all.


The vivo X Note has prepared four cameras at all focal lengths without shrinkage for users, which is really rare at the moment. The ultra-wide-angle uses IMX 598, the main camera uses GN1, the 2x portrait is IMX 663, and the 5x periscope telephoto is OV08A10. Compared with last year’s imaging flagship X70 Pro+, there is only a difference in micro-cloud image stabilization, and This time, all of them are supported by Zeiss lenses, which can further improve the image quality of all focal lengths.

With the blessing of Zeiss coating, the four rear cameras can have good image quality performance. It is difficult for you to encounter glare and purple fringing when taking pictures due to optical defects of the lens.

Under the adjustment of Vivo’s mature algorithm, the color of the finished film is also very bright and very attractive.

If you are not very fond of this too bright color style, vivo also provides a solution. The unique Zeiss natural color mode can accurately restore the image color to the real scene according to the color standard specified by the Zeiss 140 color card, which is more suitable for natural and realistic photo presentation.

When needed, the ultra-wide can also be used as a macro lens. The 48-megapixel image quality and resolution are quite good, and the filigree on flowers can be clearly recorded.

Taking pictures at night, Zeiss coating + V1 professional image chip is even more powerful.

Vivo X Note can be said to have the least glare/ghosting in the new camera this year. The pure picture with extremely high tolerance, as well as the real-time blacklight night vision capability brought by the V1 chip, greatly facilitates nighttime creation.

With the help of vivo X Note, many scenes that could not be photographed in the past can also be recorded, such as shopping malls covered with large areas of light signs, scenes facing street lights, etc., can be directly shot without worrying about glare and ghosting.

Because it has a 5x telephoto lens, it is easy to take a picture of the moon. The camera of the vivo X Note also has a special moon mode, which can take clear pictures of the moon.

In addition, this time vivo has also prepared four Zeiss filters, which allow you to take blur and focus effects comparable to Zeiss classic lenses when taking portraits. If you want to get very textured portrait photos, they can send come in handy.

In terms of video, this time it not only supports professional video mode but also supports horizon image stabilization. No matter how the phone is shaken, the picture will always remain level with the horizon, which can be said to be very suitable for shooting stable pictures in sports scenes.


vivo X Note supports LTPO adaptive refresh, which can achieve a better power optimization effect by synchronizing the rendering frame rate and screen refresh rate. With a large 5000mAh battery and excellent scheduling, the battery life is excellent.

Using the battery dog ​​to continuously run 3D games, videos, web browsing, and other scenarios, the power consumption is 57% in 5.1 hours, and the comprehensive battery life is about 10 hours.

In addition, it also supports 80W wired flash charging. The actual measurement starts from 3%, and the power reaches about 43% in 10 minutes, and it can be fully charged in 31 minutes.

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Although the folding screen can easily meet your needs for a large size, the high price and the potential failure rate of the mechanical hinge structure have discouraged many people. This gave the vivo X Note an opportunity to be born as a traditional candy bar large-screen flagship.

In addition to the folding screen, the vivo X Note can almost be said to be one of the flagship phones with the largest screen at the moment, but it is not heavy. With the excellent waistline design and the support of the plain leather back cover, it will make your hands accustomed to the super-large cup flagship relieved.

After solving the contradiction between the large screen and the feel, the configuration of the vivo X Note is not at all possible. The full-focus quad-camera supported by the Zeiss lens, whether it is ultra-wide-angle or ultra-telephoto, whether it is day or night, can capture pure images for you. Coupled with additional features such as horizon image stabilization and Zeiss texture filters, this makes the vivo X Note a top-level image flagship.

The charging is full without regret, 80W wired + 50W wireless + 10W wireless reverse charging, still a large power of 5000mAh. With a 7-inch 2K 120Hz LTPO 3.0 screen, charging is fast, and the standby time is long. It can be said that the power anxiety is really gone.

In terms of performance, we already know the performance of Snapdragon 8. The customized SPU of vivo X Note makes it a step further in terms of safety. With the excellent scheduling of vivo and the blessing of the large body of vivo X Note itself, the fever during the game is very high. It is also very surprising. The back of “Honor of Kings” is played in 120-frame mode with a maximum temperature of only 36 °C. This phone is not destined to be “hot”.

The price of the vivo X Note starts at 5,999 yuan, and at this price, you can get flagship-level imaging, charging, and performance, as well as a unique 7-inch top-of-the-line screen. If you have a soft spot for big screens, then vivo X Note is the best choice among the current high-end flagships without any problems.

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