Vivo X20 Plus UD Received 3C Certificate: Is There A New Variant With Under-Screen Touch ID ?


On 2 January of 2018, a mysterious new device from the brand received 3C certification from the Chinese government. This is Vivo X20 Plus UD, a new variant of the famous smartphone, much appreciated in the homeland. It is not clear what news is coming, but the speculations on this are really multiple.

The Chinese certification has given the green signal to a new, mysterious smartphone called Vivo X20 Plus UD. Apparently, another version of the flagship could be in the finishing line, but what is the news that could introduce? Everything is silent from the producer; on the other hand, the Chinese media did not take long to formulate the first hypotheses.The mysterious suffix UD could be to indicate “simply” the term Update as if to show that the new model will be a renewed version of the same. Or it could be for Underwater Defense, in the case of a variant with a waterproof capacity. But the most interesting theory is that which sees on board the device the famous Touch ID module integrated into the display; in this case, the abbreviation UD would be for Under Display.

Although it is only speculation, the latter theory may not be so unreal. In fact, the manufacturer will be the first to implement this new system, developed by Synaptics. Obviously, at the moment it is just a rumor to be taken with pliers. We just have to wait for some other indiscretion or an official announcement from Vivo.

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