Vivo X23: Real Phone Exposure: Essential Notch Design


As we all know, Vivo’s X-series flagship will be iterated almost every six months. The Vivo X21 series, which is currently selling well, was released in mid-March this year. It has been five months since we were talking. Work, a real Phone photo suspected of the new Vivo X23 is exposed online, let’s take a look.

Weibo digital bloggers recently exposed a photo of the real X3 that is said to be a vivo X23. It can be seen that this new phone adopts the “Short Notch” design, compared with the previous generation of “bangs”. To be more concise and elegant, and to see that the lower part of the screen is narrower, the overall screen ratio is greatly improved, and the visual experience is even better.

According to another Weibo blogger earlier, the Vivo X23 will be equipped with Qualcomm’s new mid-range flagship mobile platform, the Snapdragon 670, which comes standard with 8GB of large memory and optical screen fingerprints.

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In addition, in the photo, vivo is likely to play new tricks. In March of this year, vivo showed us the new Super HDR imaging technology, which can support up to 14EV exposure compensation. This technology was not available on the future flagship vivo NEX, so we might expect the technology to appear on the vivo X23. If this is the case, then the camera function of the Vivo X23 will be further improved.

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